Friday, 24 May 2013


Many things in our life changes as time passes. Some brought us happiness and joy while some left painful and hurtful scars. People comes and goes all the time, I even feel numb towards it. People were always changing in any point in their life, no warning system or anything. It may be because of some hurtful incident, or may be some things that people see that differs their thinking, or may be even things that they did themselves. Of course, it might not be a harsh incident, It may be a good thing that happened that changed their attitude towards something, maybe to the thing they are afraid of.
Don’t be afraid of changes, it really does happen all the time that you have to get use to it real fast. Time doesn’t wait for you, you chase it.
Changes, be it bad or good , it’s how you see them. You may have a very horrible thing going on, but if you try to actually see it in a different light, life will open another door for you to see the world in a different angle. 
learn to love the changes, it brings many surprises to your life.

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