Saturday, 25 May 2013


“ Friendships are like a tie, if you tie it correctly, it will look smart and proper. But if you tie it wrongly, it can eventually strangle you.”  -some guy
In an average life, one human can have up to 3000 friends. But you basically only know about 500 of them, and are only close to only less than 30 of them, but you will only truly trust less than 3, and this does not count in your dearest family members.
There are many types of friends. Most that we have known, fake friends, in case you didn’t know what they are ; they are people who actually treats you nice in front of you and shoots an arrow at your back when you’re not looking, in short < back stabbers > . but really sometimes I actually do find it weird why people actually does are they lonely, do they have low self-esteem that they had that, to discriminate someone to find relief for themselves?  Everyone has at least one of these people in their life. I had been through that before, you place all your trust on that one single person, and that person could actually blow it all up in matter of seconds. It hurts, it really does, but its just part of our life that we have to go through.
Lucky enough for some people out there, they had REAL, GOOD and TRUSTABLE friends. Which we will normally list them as < best friends > they are people whom we can share our thoughts, emotion and feelings completely. Best friends lean against each other, playing , fun , laughter will all be shared. But this is where exactly the < back stabbers> came into action. They make you think that you are their best friend, but what are they really thinking? You won’t know. They might be just bitching about you at your back, and when you realise it. Your “best friend” left you, and you will actually know that you’re actually just another “spare tire” towards him/her.
Well, I am just a lucky girl who has made a real best friend, she was really the best, she never left me out in any occasion, she always lend me a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on. She is the best thing on earth I would actually say. I didn’t find her as important in the past, because I had a wide area of friends but soon, I found out that they are all back stabbers and will never every spare a thought for you. They are just purely self-centred people who thinks about nothing but themselves. But she did not. She was all along by my side and we passed these hardships together, and there is where I truly find her. she never left me, never. 

photo credits: tumblr

Many of us are struggling with friendship problems, you’re not alone. But remember, you still have your family, they will love you for what you are. If you don’t have a best friend now, you will find him/her in the near future I believe.  And you will know all the fun and laughter I have been talking about! 
ps: this is me and my best friend. Sherrie <3

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