Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Lies , everywhere , anytime.
It’s a most common thing people will do to hide their emotions. Be it whether it’s a white lie or anything, a lie is eventually still a lie. It can seriously hurt someone quite badly. Imagine waking up to seeing that people around you are all being fake. Some people lie to cover up mistakes, to make themselves feel better. Lying can make up to a habit as time passes.
Ask yourself, have you ever lied. I bet your answer will be a definite YES. But if you look back into that lie you told, is it a must to do it? Are there any other ways that could work out other than lying? The answer will be YES again. Its human nature to lie, but it’s still an unacceptable action. Craps liar say “I lie to let my close ones not to worry about me.” if they are really your close ones, lying will just hurt them further after they found out.  Why not let them know what’s happening to you? They can be your emotion stability, they can help you, they will care for you, they won’t leave you alone to face the harsh conditions.
White lies ; lies they said to be better for the person not to know. There is a Chinese saying “瞒的了一时,瞒不了一世” which is saying , you can hide for a moment, but not for a life time. Hard to say the truth, I have been through that too, but it will eventually be better.
I personally think that, lying isn’t a big crime. But try not to lie, it will make yourself feel better and great.


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