Monday, 10 June 2013

10th of june~

Whenever Im upset, he will always be there.
Will be going Bangkok really soon, will miss him alot… must and will whatapp every night… take night selca !!! :D and I promise you guys take many pictures mannn! Im excited.
And today we I went his house and there is one forever alone friend.. idk whats his name… but he is quite friendly and he gave me one candy :D and beeguan and yanfang oh! Alexi did a good job on handling both sides I guess ^^ <3 made me feel happy and relief. And I even got a bazhang!!! NOMS. Forgot to take picture.. oh well, hehehe, taste really good! Im lik nomnomnomnomonomnomnom.
But you know, I fought with glen, my mood wasn’t well controlled I guess, there are just too many things happening at once, and he is sleeping at that time… felt quite alone… hope glen wont be angry anymore, I know my words are harsh, but that’s just how I am, always so vulgarish , so big ego. Sorry man really. Hope you see this blog, and whatsapp me soon okie junior!!

Den! Lemme show you the pictures! ^^

makeuppppp <3

until i come back from thailand... bye..... guys.....

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