Friday, 21 June 2013


Haze haze haze haze haze. Its making me feel so bad :( coughing so badly every single time im out into the air. Hais. Whywhy should come when school reopens ma. Now cant go out cant do this cant do that, its worse then killing me . boredom oh!  
Today wasn’t a good day since the start, was like… hais. Waking up to a insecure n unhappy mind due to s stupid dream, I shouldn’t be  tso emotional, its so not like me yknow. I should be strong, but I have no idea why I get weak when the thing is about him.. I think I have dropped to the category of “girlfriend” I always didn’t want to be in ---- overly attached.
I should change now. He doesn’t like it I guess. I didn’t like myself this way. Today was really a bad day for me. No doubts. I was crying in the hospital, the nurses were staring. I went into the toilet and cried. Luckily sherrie answered my calls. I know its very huang tang. Duibuqi sherrie for the calls, and thank you for always listening to my craps and shits and being there for me when I need you.
But my evening was well. Ate dinner… me n his problem sloved. Maybe not all.. but I hope tomorrow I get out… and pei him… hmm….

Hehehe. Got some selca’s 

this is what he drew for me in the diary.. <3

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