Saturday, 8 June 2013


It really has been quite awhile since I felt this strong freedom. Off from school, off from teachers, off from all the stress, but not off from homework of course. Teachers siao one, holidays? Got a lot of time right HOMEWORK HOMEWORK!!!!! They claim they are ateachers but do they really know the the meaning of HOLIDAY…..

Its summer break, the sun is like LJHFIEBALHE. Really, super hot everyday like one retard sweating every moment of my life. Luckily shopping malls all got aircon, can go lepak there ymy! But im seriously not sure how many times I can go out in this holiday. My results are impressively suckish and my mother will definitely use this as a reason I should rot at home and study everyday. I will do my homeworks… and study but oso need to rest somedays de ma!!! My list of homework is super duper long.
1.       English
2.     Maths
-3 sets of MYE papers
- acelearning ==
             3. geography worksheet
             4. Chinese workbook
             5. comments on la compassion
             6. science
                - journaling
                -curriculum work
Okok, fml for all this shit. BUTBUTBUTBUT, im off to Bangkok on next Wednesday!! Gotta buy lots of loots back for myself, I got too many things want to buy liao ahhhhh. Thinking of what to buy for Alexi, Glen and my boys. I can scratch my hair off thinking what to buy for a guy. Just too less things! Will enjoy myself there to the max one plus chop. Imagine all the tom yum and mangoes……… saliva oso want to come out le! Will buy lens from there, hopefully its safe and cheap!
And… idk what to pack! Gosh, its coming and I didn’t do anything about it! BEAUTY BAG is a must man, if never bring I come back my face confirm shag like FUUUUUUUUUUU.

Until again ! 

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