Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mom's side Father's day!

So, father’s day is coming right! There are much to be anticipated. But I seriously got no idea what to get for my dad! My dad always says “ don’t have to buy la, keep to money next time bring me go eat dimsum!” and I always end up buying nothing for him ohh! This year father’s day of the NGs side, we will celebrate in Thailand-bangkok .sadly to sad, im seriously qi dai to go Bangkok sia, and not father’s day! (sorry daddy, u know I love you) . hopefully to find out what to get for him on time.
So yesterday I was suppose to blog the celebration from my mom’s side but didnt. MWHAHAHA, tired ma! 3am leyh! They played mah-jong until so late, I even napped at my grandpa’s house. My grandma always try to stuff me food~ saying about my grandma, she is a step one. My mom actually calls her “auntie” when she isn’t around, but infront of her she calls her “mother”. Its actually hard for my mom to accept the fact that my grandpa actually changed so many wives but in the end she still respects all his decision and that’s how obedient my mom was to my grandpa, I guess that is why she always scolds me when im rude to the elders, but usually I just shut up and not say anything, coz my cousins are usually the ones doing it and not me, but I always get framed, im I that easily to bully…………

Okay, sad and serious topic over. MEH, I got a lots of pictures from ytd!!! And I couldn’t believe that I actually went MCO, with my junior summor!! That’s so cute of us right! I know man! And I realised that my mom and aunt look so alike……! And they get along so freaking well… but I don’t want to look like my sis seriously, it will be a huge effing curse.

so this is my mother

my dad 

my aunt! 

my sis............... 

mom and aunt! LOOK SO ALIKE RIGHT

just some zilians..... trying to be cute here people!

how did you or plan to celebrate your father's day?

until then! 

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