Monday, 17 June 2013

the adventure in Bangkok

hi earthlings! Im finally back from my Bangkok-Thailand trip! It was really amazing and fun which creates another pile of memories in 2013! It was a family trip so we obviously bonded tighter, and SADLY we never celebrate father’s day! But I sent daddy a long text, hopefully he got touched until ><
so im gonna start with 3 places I like and enjoyed the most!
*Third place goes to…………(drum rolls!)………… Street stalls!!
the things are like super cheap and there are variety to choose from, can bargain until idk what!! And the food is like… omg nice sia! Especiallythe bacon mushroom and corn! Yes imam corn lover, idk how many corn I have eaten in that short 5 days!! Too bad we didn’t have time to go chatuchat! I didn’t get to eat my ice pops! I missed it! Well next trip then!!!!
*second place goes to…………(tutututututututu)………… temple!
We actually went to the grand palace of Thailand! Which is still being used now, its quite awesome to see the historical figures and items there! And I actually took loads of lame and crappy pictures down there! Although I went there before, but this time we went its quite different as I felt more amazed by it, is it because I studied history and is quite interested in it??? Ok… im weird. But if u get a chance to go Bangkok, you have to give it a go to the place! The Buddha statue was made of a ONE PIECE jade man!! So nice!! But im not allowed to take pictures there! So I didn’t get to take inside but outside yes of course!  


For shopaholics like me, the malls are crazy, summor their sales just started when we went!! Which is fuuuuuu goodluck! Seriously very cheap and nice and awesome and happy and OMG idk what to explain my feelings for that.  There are like 5,000 over small stalls inside a HUGE shopping mall. Great that all the malls are so near to my hotel where I just need to like cross a road and I reach! And when u walk towards the mall, you can see many roadside stalls and you can go crazy over the price! And the shopping mall, got sell contact lens! LENS LOVER you will love all of them, one pair $8 only… omg really!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And there are way too many designs for you to choose from yknow. The clothing I found in the roadsides are like (convert to SG$) $3~4 per piece… if dresses $7~8.. WHERE THE HELL CAN U ACTUALLY FIND THIS PRICE IN SINGAPORE. Even GSS oso not so cheap eh *.* and I always regret after I buy sth… I should have bought more man!!!! Not enough to content myself!
In this whole trip, I seriously calm down and think that it isn’t the clothings and everything that eventually made me happy, it was the accompany of my family and laughter and tears. I LOVE YOU DAD AND MOM, DO BRING ME GO AGAIN. I realised this trip, im the one who spent the most I guess!!

one more special thing! Thai massage!!! <3 
its like pain and shuang at the same time good for your body! its a good memory and extreme fun watching my brother in pain ......... here are the pictures!

 some self entertainment! 

till again!!! <3 

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