Thursday, 6 June 2013


This few days I kept thinking of my secondary 1 life. Its like so much of a difference from now, a bonded class BOOM to many cliques and individuals. And those cliques actually bitches about each other. If time can turn around again, I wont make it happen. Actually there is a lot of friendship problems going on. People claim to be your “bestfriend” but bitch about you. Siao ah? You think you who sia, take up an important role in my life and the end want to back stab. == life in school is like AOLKLDHIUFNKEJGKIRJ. Yeah, kinda suck. Failed my maths for an entire year, which make me felt really sad. Whats wrong with my maths. My mother just keep scolding me, like Im sorry for the whole entire Ng’s family. Oh great. Hoping that my maths can eventually get better ohh~

All this times, there was 2 people I really confined myself to. One is sherrie and the other was Alexi, Alexi make a good boyfriend and a bestfriend, he can be my listening ear and everything that I really needed, Idk why I feel always secure around him, feel loved and like idk??????????? We have been together for about 6 mths, haha feels quite magical la! hehehhehehehe. For Sherrie, okay, she bitches together with me which is like what a normal pair of bestfriends does , she recently fell off with her friend, but she seemed fine with it as if she expected it, wonder if she is hiding anything XP hais, there will be more ups and downs coming up, really hope they will be there until the end.

Chinese camp sucked to the core, its so lame and Wu Lao actually forced us all to go. All the people that went were like so bo chap also, I also la. But hor, I just diam diam sit there listen. I seriously don’t think that I have learnt anything in the camp. But the most fun and exciting thing was , I bonded well with the HCL girls . :D made me feel close too. Used to think that they were lame. Ok, they are still lame and shitty some times, but seriously I feel fine with them already.

                                                                     me and alexiiiiiii <3
me and sherrie <3
Loving all my present friends, those who walked out of life, im not begging you for your return anymore, infact, I don’t feel lost at all, I shall conclude this as , they aren’t the right bunch of people that will walk with me through my tough and hardships. So, BYEBYE, I wish you have a hard life, lol , im so evil. MWAHAHA.

Until again , bye guys :*

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