Sunday, 30 June 2013

what a girl wants

No joke, i want way too many thing to even list out la. Firstly, i want a walk in closet...... omgomgomgomgomgomg. LOOK LA SIA. dream on celine, dream. 

okay, secondly, clothes and everything of course, idk why. girls have the nature to want to be pretty i guess, SERIOUSLY, WHO WANTS TO BE UGLY. NU. so yeh, clothes to dress up and of course boost confidence and looks. If you dress up nicely, you will have better posture and u will look confident and happier of course, confident girls and women are attractive. ^^ dresses, make me look so flowy and gentle i guess, but ITS SO MA FAN. but its so pretty sometimes you cant resist. Forever 21 is good... haha. whatever clothes is good. 

Thirdly... of course.... makeup... its my life yknow... i think im to fugly to go out if i didnt wear them, OMG, i sense a long paragraph is gonna come. haha! my favourite brand for makeup is actually Maybelline. its the best makeup brand ever... the foundations are like most awesome and the blusher is the most cutest and natural colour on the face. NARS has a blusher which is darker in pink so i usually use it as a bronzer or sth.. hehehe. secondly, its still Maybelline but its their another collection <NAKED>. its a eyeshadow one, it look natural and some colours and use to conquer the nose and face. thirdly is brushes, how can you do it without  them, i totally recommend the bubbi brushes.. but they are so so so so so expensive. but the brushes are like GOD DAMN NICE. so i bit my lips and bought 2 of them. during my thailand trip, i bought the makeup brushes, its not bad also. so hehe . yeahhh . 

NARS blusherrr 

the brushes of mine
bubbi brushes full collection 

Wish List: 
more bubbi brush
lipstick... i need it..
vintage shoeeeee
too many.. hhaaa

NWHEHEHE. BAI BAI. i know many girls confirm feel the same. ~~ 

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