Tuesday, 23 July 2013

after 2 weeks~

hi guys! ok now you must be thinking how de heck i even blog on a tuesday when i have freaking CCA. nope, i didnt skip. there is national Os going on in the school so, we must clear de school so they can focus on their exams ^^ goodluck to all my seniors mann <3
so, todays blog wont be a very long one. hha! yes... i have been working out again and again and again yoooo. blogilates Abs on fire is seriously crazy , my abs are tight and i feel damn good. cardio workout is goooooooood too!!!
Here is my face after a workout........
last saturday was actual speech day yo . was kinda litttttle nervous, seriously actually not nervous at all la k. it was like... mehmehmeh coz lin lao wan me play liuqin maaaa. after the Performance everyone is like... YAY HOME BITCHES, BUT there is dunno whatever filming yo. then everyone.. sigh~ hahah! it was overall quite funnn~ met GlenKangKang in the morning to go school tgrrr~ ^^ its like so quite awesome laaa! but i was hungry all the way home. so.... T^T

somebody, its Alexi! how great ~ whole good 7mths tgr~ finally got a plan for an event, i wonder if we had the same idea. if we do.... im gonna kill my brain cells to think again~ love you baby. forever spoiling you.
i was actually modelling for a highwaist jeans by someone, i cannot say! but here's the picture i chose. nice? curves shown? ^^
so, to kinda celebrate my birthday, we ate together with my aunt~ ^^  the food isnt really nice though, but i do appreciate all the effort of the chefs and blah blah. SEEEEE. hheehe. feeling hungry ?
recently, quite into makeup and im like.. really into makeup and fashion, guess thats too all my growing teenage girls~ its like a fantasy, a huge cupboard you wanna walk into, shiny heels, beautiful dresses. yeah. hehe

"Burn the candles, Use the nicest sheets, Wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for a special day. Today is special." <3

until again~

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