Friday, 26 July 2013

Birthday Girl

Summary of my little 14th birthday.
surprises, love, care, mixed emotions. it kicked off from a gift from Sherrie, which gave me great curiosity, the present was a total mind reader. hahaha, she got me what i really wanted. ^^ thats why she is my besfriend <3 always love you . MUAHHHHH <3

Had oreo icecream cake, my aunt and cousins came over to celebrate together, my aunt bought me a cute dress and bracelet and a lensbox, hellokitty damn cute ~~~!

Alexi,... was the sweetest guy on earth i guess, shop for me a dress and a wallet. how witty can a guy be buying female items. im very touched, from the deepest on my heart. we went out at the 26th to celebrate my belated birthday ! it was one of the best birthday i can think. shopped, ate, did what a normal couple would actually did. he was kinda nervous i guess, keep asking me if i want this, or want that. heheheh, how cute? i wore the dress he gave me, its so flowy and cute. although i usually look suckish in polka dots, but, the one he bought for me is just like so.... amazingly fits. idk how to say, but really fits. guess he had some cute fashion sense, or is this how he liked his girl to be dressed all the time. i guess so, so hehehe, i will , be more elegant and gentle. i always look weird with girly and cute items. ill try okay honey. ^^ thanks alot for the chocolate and kitkat and wallet and of course the pretty dress. im so... satisfied. lol, [easy contented] . do look forward to your birthday, hope i can have the time to pei you and do some events. iloveyou. <3'

QOTD  :" believe you can, believe you are halfway there. "

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