Monday, 8 July 2013

First Week Of July

the first week of school is like disaster. i bet everyone's too. didnt really do all the homeworks but most of them. So, like hoping teachers wont collect those homeworks, but in my dreams k. == all the teachers come back like so pms. i know is first week la. but oso cannot liddat pms us de ymy.
so, i just had a hair cut ytd afternoon, i was like... MY HAIRRRRRRRRRRRRR NOOOOOOOO. one inch gone, so heart pain siallll!!!!!!!! i actually didnt want to cut my hair but only my fringe. total, im only satisfied with my fringe and layers. like always, because my mom was like staring at me when i had the hair cut, cannot dont cut at least one inch laaaa. but yeah, my hair will eventually grow faster and longer. NOT GOING TO THE SALON UNTIL NEXT YEAR. == lets see, den cut shorter. hope, i can set my mind to do it, if not , heart pain untilllllll~~~~~~~~
so.... i went to watch despicable me 2. Agnes is like damndamndamn cute, how i wish i was like , have half of her cuteness. before the movie, i actually saw my cousin. My mother's Sister's Son. okay, he was with the gf when my sis spotted him. bad luck sia he. meet until relative when shopping with gf. if i go out with Alexi and saw relative i will go and kill myself. SUCK FOR HIM . and i dont really like him , tho. he got tat dao look. disgusting. OKOK, back to the movie, so.. there's actually a scene where the guy and the special agent got stucked in the rocket and flew to the volcano... so i kinda imagined flying in a rocket to the volcano with Alexi. ISNT THAT SO MUCH FUNNNNNNN. hehehe.
racial harmony is coming soon! our school had a program called " food fiesta" where you get to eat difference races food. I queued for the satay for so long.. but the person in front bought all... ok... fuck my life for that. after, got terrible headache and couldnt even stand properly.. called dad to pick me up......... skipped, SC MEETING and Chinese program. sat didnt go for CIP. ok, that one actually, is i never wake to my alarm. and mom wrote email to quit SC oso. hope i can quit sia.. so tiring everytime. so many shits.

Sec2 sem2 life, aint easy, we have less weeks than usually to reach the eoy because of Os.. and all the teachers like... CHIONG AHHHHHHH. some cant even catch myself. gotta study after i blogged, ^^. much more independent and homework. and i must seriously understand the topics now. so i can faster adapt to chem. totally suck. i cannot memorize periodic table until now.... fug..
 so we had this deserts from vivo.. its amazing ^^
and its like so nice toooo.

tis was actually a supper on.. idk i forgot, hehehehe. nicenice!! its at people's park there! 
 until agains guys <3

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