Friday, 19 July 2013

losing people

Hey guys. i decided i should seriously blog about today's happenings and incident. i dont think i will ever forget about it , its definitely etched in my heart. HARD. im on my way learning about whats hidden in the small holes in my life. some holes might have worm or what? toxic spiders maybe? yeah. so let me share what happen in the morning first yo~
I was like... as usually the refusal to wake. but I've gotten an excuse, i couldnt sleep... i was like.. i slept very quickly. and woke at fucking 2am and couldnt sleep back. its like.. tossing and turning and toss and turn again. but yeah. managed to sleep back around 4+? so.. im pretty grumpy , was having crazy crazy mood swings due to not sleeping well recently! lol, evidence is sherrie lol. everyday see me xiao and getting angry ad pissed and unwell. hahahaha. actually this week really passed quickly. its already friday, its FRIDAY YAY. im like chiong out of school for the sake of chionging~
its afterschool and yes you can guess, i went to find alexi. but what happened there was the most heart breaking shit ever. it was fine and turn into a teary situation. never had a guy who cried so much infront of me before. bet im the girl who saw him cry so much after he is sensible i guess. i wont get to detail as it may get alittle personal. but, yeah I finally learnt, how fucking much i actually love him. as much as i love myself, way more than that i guess. i can breakdown into pieces if he aint there anymore. he taught me how to love, how to care. many things cant be judged like how it is. i am strong, but not mentally. im really weak mentally, i get upset over little things. happy over just because i someone smiled at me that day. cry over seeing a begger on the streets in bangkok. thats me. how silly? yes i am. i am appreicating every single one that walked in and out of my life, how many lessons learnt everytime there is an incident causing us to break apart. relations are really fragile.. treausre it... it will break easily. and some people, are seriously NOT WORTH LOSING, some people should do some reflection on how they treat people around them. seriously.

its just a short one. nexttime <3

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