Monday, 15 July 2013

Photo spam ^^

pardon me for not blogging. i got a reason why. i actually wrote a blog, but accidentally deleted the whole thing which is like.... SCREW YOU COMPUTER. ok, this com sucks. so let me re-write todayy~
on Saturday, wgsco had speech day rehearsal which all performing  arts will be there to rehearsal. luckily, if not ill be like a loner going to school and shit, because Sherrie can pei me srsly....... :D its like smileeeeee. she is one dang retarded girl playing games haha XD cute.
suddenly got inspiration to write about 2 girls. which changed my secondary school life really.i became stronger and stable when they messed up my life. my tears and everything aint worth that. its worth of a bigger thing. never want to have them ever tho. be it happy, i also dw to cry. anyways, just wanna say thank you to you and wish you the best of luck, dont think we will ever be as close as before ever and i wont let it happen, but we were, once inseperatable. i am insecure, that is why i build up walls to hide and make myself look stronger on the outside but i guess it was the most stupid idea . but... im still doing it. no one ever cross that line. NO ONE EVER. who will be the first? im sorry to whoever read this and realise i am not fully opened yet. some are close, but because of personal fears i never give my all. i bet many faced this problem. if Alexi you are reading this, im sorry okay? ill try my best ^--^ believe me. okay, back to the 2 girls, they gave me internal strength ill never get if this shits never happen at all. like many other things, they gave me strength to walk on. like... WOOOOOSH. hahah . i have Sherrie. lets just pray and hope she will never leave me like the others.
as much as i love to dance, and have the passion to do it. dont think will have a second chance to it. unless a magic spell is casted to everyone in the world. recently doing yoga n stretches, the after effect. hope this highly encourage you to exerciseeeeeee.
did i ever blog about my hair cut??? feel weird having my short fringe again yknow. but its like so cute lol. k celine k. Alexi with bangs is the most daebak shit ever. hahaha. made my day so well. im like spazzing and everything :P


and photos... and photos..............

jiaobin face of him i love <3


photo credit to my couzzie who happen to shoot this 
long time no model style haha 


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