Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sick Girl has inspiration

time passes people really quick. like how for 2013 is already more than half gone. sometimes i reflect and thought of what i have done for the pass 7 months. practically nothing properly done. Studies still not better yet although i already have the realization that CA2 is coming and its percentage is high. I have already done badly for my Mid year examinations and if i seriously dont get a good results within this few months, all the time and effort i actually really did put inside, will vanish into thin air like immediately. and how can I make myself study? its so hard, i couldnt. YEAH, its all those negative thoughts that would actually kill you . why think that something is impossible when you never even try? tried? did you tried your very very VERY best? nopes, everyone will do better each time. ts just like learning an instrument, it takes time, patience and passion to succeed. talking about this, [SHOUTOUT to Glen] : " Despite Mr Low say you aint getting anywhere playing the suona, please show him you can actually do it, your instructor has faith in you and you should make her proud, make me proud. Best of luck okay ^^ ". Many things could actually work out if you really put your heart and soul in doing the thing you are suppose to do. show some passion and love for it. I hate Mathematics, but i gotta learn it anyways, so why hate it even though you have  face it even when like, i graduate from Secondary School, i need it in Poly/JC, Uni. im just like now, den i realised there is no point hating on subjects. you cant do well? WORK HARDER. ull eventually get there, i promise.  there obviously gotta be changes in your life, if not how are you gonna do it? play lesser phone when youre studying? at least put it away so you can get your concentration. bleh people. its hard. but it only takes 20days to pick up a new habit yknow! goodluck poeple!
 here comes. im sick today thats why i have time for this ~ haha! i got 2 days of MC so.... hahaha~ i am like so sian here at home. 

so let me tell you what happen on Sunday~ Me, Alexi, SongYi ( my brother's gf ) went to watch my brother performing his violin. the opera was boring i guess. it was until like 10.30 and my brother is like the MY PACE guy. walking up slowly. == mke me seriously wanna kick him or sth like this. so whatever. it was the first time i spend so much time util so ltate together with Alexi. im happy ^^ tmr is our 7th month tgr. YAYYYYYY hehehe~ 

My bros gf~ 

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