Sunday, 25 August 2013

Lost girl with rants

pardon me for not blogging. hooked up with games and studies and life. not a good excuse i know! but understand me ok my darlings ! i know you will.
time really gone by really slowly this month of August, maybe because i didnt see him for like very long and very less. kind of feel lost without his presence. how important is he? idk honestly. August is definitely not a good month, fucked up with exams, relation problems, bullshit people say, nasty things, will maybe it taught me to be numb to shits that happened around me. i cant really keep up with school work, although i was like really studying hard and everything. the pace is just so freaking fast yknow. i wished it was slower, so i can keep it up. im no fast pace girl, i do enjoy fast pace life and technology advancement. but, whats the point if my mind and body cant cope with it. hope Sept will be so much better.
tuition is pretty much working slightly for me now. although sometimes i still do not get it, but  well, at least i clear my doubts. and srsly. im totally zoning out at most of the classes, esp Math. its so boring, mr yip's voice echoed down my spine and came out. his class is barely useful to me. rather i replace all his lessons with mr rahim. i know its pretty mean to say that, but who cares, ITS THE BLOODY TRUTH. i dont even have to lie about it yo.
sometimes, at night, i would wake up and start thinking of what will happen if i werent born in a city, what if i was born in a countryside? what will it be to be starting a life style of horses and farms and trees? no videogames, computer, handphones. i get emotional and i would cry srsly. i will think, should i give a call to Alexi? but all questions will be like, is he asleep... will he answer.. does he think im annoying.. blah blahh. im pretty annoying i guess. im no quiet and peaceful and gentle girl bitches. i dont get how some girls can actually do that, innocently. hmm, thats so not me at all right. im loud, i have arrogance when you first get to know me i dont deny, but it goes away as time let me get to you.
saying about arrogance, how about this, flirt. i feel numb when people call me that already, is that good or bad? i seriously dont care. i do agree that going with guys are much less drama, but WTF??? it creates more drama between the bitches. how cute? Listen bitches if you are reading this, I HAVE A FUCKING BOYFRIEND, we are loving and cute. well, its okay to JUST be friends with guys, are you jealous or sth? bitching is just like plain normal to me, its fine to me. just dont say that this girl always go out with guys and call her flirt, i get alittle...... cranky. yknow.... cranky .
FINE WITH ALL THIS BULLCRAP . hey im getting the joy of blogging hahahahah! ~ today i went out with my family, yknow Sunday is a family day, SongYi joined us for lunch, which really made me think when can Alexi join too. hmm. wondering and dreaming.

kind of like a shopping spree sia. bought many things. bought a new foundation, hope its nice to use,  its priceyyyy!!!!
and my makeup cupboard is so.... messy. fine. here are my ootd and photos <3

few pictures i took with my sis !! 

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