Sunday, 1 September 2013

Past 2 Days

hey darlings! so, its pretty late at night alr huh. but, well. just wanna blog about this 2 days!!!
Friday inspired me to love life so much. I actually went to watch a concert with songyi and Alexi. apparently its not a concert but more of a performance. which i quite enjoy because its fun! in between there are like 20 min breaks which i went to walk around with alexi outside of esplanade! we were actually wearing a couple tee, but i forgotten to snap a picture of that. so well, NOOOOOOO. next time ok, next time. in all these times. i secretly hope that my brother will keep having performances to attend to, so that i can go out later with Alexi and spend more time with him. how shag is it not being able to pei your boyfriend always?

how about a overprotective parents who seriously lock you at home. they think they gave a alot of freedom already, but....... think twice. my curfews suck to the fucking core i swear. its not even a curfew. my parents seriously think that i will come back home from school directly, EVERY SINGLE EFFING DAY, which i will now, coz im always tired but yeah. i respected them. home is a nice place i know, but they have to stop living in their era where idk what????? 60s? pretty much think that i have attitude problem. but whenever i talk to them nicely and want to explain myself, they always cut in, you say its disrespectful to cut into people's words. but how about you? think. i should be having a post about "Parents" in like a few days time. do look out for it.
em, so yeah! continue with friday! but yeah, most of the time im just purely with Alexi. Because i was wearing heels, my feet was actually hurting pretty badly.. and Alexi actually offered to piggyback me....... omg.. i was like.. will i fall but when he bent down to ask me on, i was like hop on. he is so sweet isnt he. he ran me along towards his house. like charging like a rainbow ! and we bump into his mom and couzzie which was really awkward but i feel really blessful and happy. thinking of it makes me smile so much seriously. and i cant believe he actually sent me home even i took a cab and .. he went home himself by bus.. make me really felt so much thankfulness within me. well, today [ past 12 midnight] its our 8th monthsary. <3 thankyou and iloveyou for this 8mths. really.

AND YES. sept please me good to me.....
SO SATURDAY... my mother  and i went to town to get her cosmetics she ordered like 2 weeks ago. so.... there is this brush sale from hakunablahbalh i dont rmb . and their brush is like so damn expensiveee. i told my mom that i needed a brush , but dw to expensive so we went to watsons, ok i love watsons so much now. it has so many bloody things. all my cosmetics and be bought there and its like more affordable~ but yeah, my mom paid for it so yeah. and she said, at home there is alot of brushes she got for free, NONO dont ask me why she got it free idk as well, so when we got home she flipped her cupboard and there are so many brush set!! she gave me one ! so nice , the mao is red..... *-* haha and afew more cosmetics . i seriously bit my lips so hard when my mom refuse to pay for me and i need to use my credit card........... k.

thats about all for today!


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