Sunday, 8 September 2013


the inner self of my soul is dying. I dont feel its living anymore. the flame is slowly covered and eventually gonna stop burning. its tiring. its hard to act like who you are outside and not showing your inner towards the other people. if i ever say that im a quiet and shy person. i bet most of the people will disagree to this but i couldnt do anything to change their mindset because its theirs. Why am i dying inside but still needing to protray a side where im okay and fine and happy. I need to rant, i need to let out emotions, to kill those unhappy cells. This is where people are gonna judge me. this bitch is 2-faced, slut, whore, hoe. Please, do you even understand those words? they are very big and strong words that shouldn't be used often but I am always hearing people saying dirty things. i do. i do talk bad about people, i mean, who don't? you don't? bullshit. dont come and fuck around me if you cant even admit such a small thing.

so yeah, updates about me. Im going to bangkok again at end of oct okayyy, gonna shop and shop. loving it. but yeah, exams still come first! fighting to those who are studying okay <3 love yaaaa!<3

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