Sunday, 22 September 2013


EHY~ To my beautiful and handsome readers. guessed you guys have already know that what im going to touch on by reading the title. i would call it my opinion on this. If you have your own thoughts about it, sure, do share. So lets get started shall we?
mindly on revenge, what is it actually? its actually making a person suffer because he/she made you suffer. but why people do that? i guess because you have really low self esteem. We like to say things like "Forgive and Forget, will lead you to a happier and healthier life." but have you tried it all to just hold in all your anger and hate and mixed feelings? it kind of sucks, because we humans always need to let our emotions flow from time to time. its okay to cry once in awhile, its okay to throw a bad temper some of the days. but once its over, its over. time cant be reverted. for example if this person called you a ugly bitch, calling her ugly back ain't gonna make yourself any prettier. just like if a person killed someone you loved, even if you killed the murderer, they wont be alive again. its definitely important to let lose stress, sadness, anger once in awhile, but do not self harm. i dont know how many times i stressed on this. love yourself, why let your beautiful wrist and arm turn in to a pool of blood? dont it hurt? why hurt yourself when there are many people going to worry for you? what if next time you have children and they ask you what are those lines on your wrist? dont you think its a really bad example my dearest angels out there? Stay strong. it only bring pain and more sadness.
those are just my random thoughts recently as i strolled down my twitter. many teenagers like me are cutting, taking pills, trying to kill themselves. maybe you say ill never understand because i lead a comfortable life. AHHAHAHAH bullshit. i envy you, YEAH YOU. I was grown in a strict family which is pretty scary and upsetting. i do get upset, but i dont cut because. idk why? i just think of consequences. think carefully. life is pretty short. only afew 10years. spend it wisely with the right bunch of people. they will lead you to the path of the correct way in life, leading to success.
so wednesday we had a performance for the school partners . pictures GO~

Mr Ng With his adorable son and Mdm Tan all time fav teacher~

Section <3

SELCAAAAAAA. didnt go out much so not much yooo~  


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