Sunday, 20 October 2013


i  think i am going to die. this week is kinda hectic although i didnt really do alot of stuffs. but i was really tired and had many regrets this week. idk why , its like pretty long o.o holidays are coming soon, and i feel kind of empty inside, its like super lonely at home. Mom most likely is gonna lock me at home isnt it.... :/ but ill never know. maybe try ? i really want more time with alexi and sherrie.... gosh gosh.
HI DARLINGS <3 welcome to this post. its gonna be pretty long and crappy. just wanted to dedicate some stuffs to my love ones yknow. who knows we will see tomorrow ? mm? OK. agenda~
1. Updates ( as usual )
2. dedication messages
3. things Im grateful for
4. reflection of 2013
heyhey hehe. so the starting of the week, i went along and did SEP which i chose-- Air Rifle. it was super fun and actually really testing my focus ability. and the ability to see afar which i cant but thank goodness i was wearing lens that day so i could actually see but aiming was alittle harder because yeah, my bloody eyesight. but apparently, the shooting gene is within my blood yayie. daddy had a high rank for marksmanship??? wtf? ok la. this are the cards i shot. but i didnt manage to capture a picture of myself holding the gun, or else it will be super cool....

yesterday, (sat) , idk why, im like pmsing everyone, which includes alexi, yes im guilty of it... confirm. but i know its tough for us, but believe me, its frustrating for us too. too have crazy moodswings before those blood flush through in between our legs. ._. so i thought he was angry but he wasnt apparently, thought he went to sleep early because he was feeling upset about me. but its actually his damn phone trying to pull us further. I HATE YOU, PHONE. ok. im so lame.
AND YES I GOT MY BUBBI BRUSHESSSSSSSSS <3 they are so pretty in pinkkkk. super good shit to add in my make up brush box... hehehehehe. doing a review next post ^^

last friday was mdm sung's farewell party in the hall, i believe she cried all the way until she reach the hall and still crying, she is the best principal who cares dearly towards her student cohort and shower us with love, you will be missed and thank you for everything.

NEW CASING <3 floral, super pretty ~

today~~~ i had a hair cut. my long hair is totally gone to because medium long or rather medium la~ but it was all very healthy so i believe i did the correct choice. anyways i need a new image to start all over again. idk i was just feeling crap towards other ppl. haters can say ur hair chg but ur face didnt chg. how the heck can i change my face, teach me how. but nevertheless, these are the pictures of new hair and ootd <3

done with the updates. so here comes the letter thingthing. you can skip through this if you want, because it might not apply to certain people which im certainly sorry for that. recently i have been tryin to accept everyone's flaws and hopefully they feel it and change the way they think about me. i was a cold person, or i can say, you dont even give me a chance to let each other learn and know about each other, why not take this chance? dm me, tweet me, text me.
so hi??? no bye. lol. HEYYYY. just wanted to say many thanks you guys. tbh, i knew you all like not very long time, and we only grew close like only recently. but i am very grateful of your presence in my life when i needed someone there too listen to my stories over and over again, esp to sherrie, i complain to her about so many things that 10 pairs of hands cant count it. many distress and misunderstanding between friendships and relationships had bond us tgr. for qd, in the past we had many rollercoaster rides back den when i was in sec1, and we drifted eventually, but it was all okay again like so recently ~ ^^ im happy and super grateful for that, AND YOU BETTER BE GRATEFUL  THAT I GAVE U A CHANCE. for my cutesy junior, we had serious fights and misunderstandings and many down side. i remember when you were still a freshman in WGS. innocent face. now...... HAHHAHAHA. im sry glen. its kinda like idk, i dont even remember how we got close, i know i was that annoying SC that kept disturbing you guys along the camp. it was really memorable mm?? for alexi.. i have no words to say to him, because baby, what you given me cant be expressed by words so easily. iloveyou. when i was at the down side of my life, you all raised me up to the person i become today.
the 5 words ( lxx) : its okay to be weak

the 5 words ( alexi) : loving you forever and always

the 5 words (glen) : always think before you act
the 5 words ( kqd) : start opening yourself to others

ofcourse not forgetting my parents, but apparently they are just fucking me hard this few days so i have no touching words for you yet.
·       smiles and laughters
·       love
·       passion
·       anky; lxx; kqd; gkjh
·       warmth within
·       raindrops
·       hugs x
·       time..
·       growing
·       my hair dresser, for doing a great job for my new hairdo
·       teachers
·       aircon.... the weather

this year had passed us really quick. i changed alot i believe. those people who force to change me to become better i swiftly believe. its a blessing to know them all.
hongyi <<

double braids me 

after hair cut

after hair cut


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