Sunday, 13 October 2013


why people from above sent us down to see and tolerate shits and craps. I wanna go back up and fly among my angels. thats where everyone is happy and grateful of things they have. This era is so judgmental, and corrupted..
HELLOOOOO TO MY BABIES BRANCHES AND LEAVES AND OF COURSE FLOWERS AND FRUITS, if that makes any sense XD . so today agenda will be talking about my updates in this week! the adventures and love, will den be followed by a post about hates around, like usual, disclaimer, it doesnt apply to everyone and its just personally my view and thoughts about it. yknow yknow yknow. hehe!
SKATING. ICE SKATING. heh heh, so this day, last friday. Alexi, Sherrie and QinDa, us four went to jcube to skate! qin da suggested it , and i thought it was okay so we went ah, BUT unexpectly, He doesnt know how to skate, hang on the barrier for dear life and sherrie. sherrie is so cute towards qinda i would say, she is like so caring and thoughtful towards him. i guess, i made a right choice about letting them know each other and "help" them get this far. sincerely i feel that sherrie deserve alot more than this because, idk maybe to me, she was really special. when i asked everyone to leave, she was the one that stayed and actually.. idk? she is my priority i would say. i will not exchange her with anyone. okay, back to skating crap, we had the time of our lives i guess. very fun and absolutely memorable <3 i love every single of them, dearly , thats because, i dont have many ( I KNOW I SAID 13988371 ZILLION TIMES). hehe cherish ma!


based on my modeling skills .....


all 4 of us <3

next is just today, where i went over to BeeGuan house with alexi, adrian, yanfang~ to just actually game, but i didnt really did. idk why, i just dont have the mood to do so, so whatever yknow. it was a pretty fun and day for me. sneaking out was the best crap ever because, seriously, if you never sneak out without parents consent any part of your life before, you're missing out.

yang <3 ^^v


mm, here comes the post uh. i would say, no one is perfect in this world so we all eventually will find someone who loves you even with your flaws. there is only people who seemed perfect to you, the apple of your eye despite his/her flaws. who knows? he may just be beside you or somewhere in the near future yknow. like i said, people are judgmental because they have impression on people, dont say you dont, because you know you do. no matter who you are, how well and perfect you are, you're gonna be envious of someone who has that little something that you dont. thats where all the arguments all into place. hurtful words used to shoot the other party is all just wanting to protect yourself. i have an experience like not long ago where a group of people expressed their hate due to misunderstanding. I was talking about another person but you guys walked pass and assume its you, heh, well, i cant do anything to stop you from calling me slut or bitch or whore or whatever. tbh, i don't fight or argue with someone when the problem has no root. and i wont be stupid enough to fight 10 of you..... 2 vs 10 , no point. and i personally think that you guys shouldnt think so highly of yourself. say im arrogant go ahead, because you cant handle the usual cold personality i had. i known you , since primary school. how cool, you know what kind was a person i was. i "hit" off with people and they just bitch about me behind. time passes and im no longer that person i am few years back yknow. i know all of you there those 10 people, you guys are smart, you guys are capable of doing some things i cant, why put others down and try to step on them and climb? that just brought you lower. all these are caused by jealousy, maybe there are other reasons but that is just one whole crap junk shit thing.
dont pull yourself down to a lower tide and make yourself feel terrible. you are just making 2 parties hard to communicate because of your attitude and behaviour towards things. hey, yknow girls, you guys are pretty, what about being confident and show others what you've got rather den getting into trouble and.. in the end, its still gonna hurt. i know i have been said by many people that im actually okay with now, they say i have a really icy feel. where i totally become a person who seemed very hard to get along. "ice princess" they said. because i have this personality within me, i cant change it. come closer to my heart and you'll feel the warm.

thats all, love all of you have a good day x 

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