Sunday, 6 October 2013

heeps of life

OMG guys!!! Fall is seriously around the corner. ok... singapore doesnt have fall season but hey yknow its always nice to keep up with the trend around the world~~
So, i had a super big haul at F21, Takashimaya and H&M. Taka has a crazy sale going on because it was their anniversary i suppose. i bought this makeup set which is totally worth it. it was just $5o for 3liners, mascura, 3 lipstick, 2 lipgloss, 3 brushes and a zebra print makeup palette!! and the box too, the colours for the lipsticks are very nice, i tried one of them today, its the Elizabeth Arden lip colour number 49. it has this really B E A utiful dark red colour. but i dare not wear out seriously, people will judge me. BUT WHO CARES.  a picture of the pretty colour on my chapped lipsss <3

we really bought too many clothes for me to wear them one by one for you guys to see, but ill tell you along the way down the blog post next time! so do read on my blogs to know more about my haul~ tbh, people say that we are too young for makeup, yeah, i kind of agree, lets say we should not take it to extreme, you all are beautiful in your own way. Make up is just my hobby that i really enjoy. Its fun to see it and use it. but i dont usually wear alot of them at once. you girls need to explore whats good for your skin type, skin tone, eye shapes blah blah. alot of things huh. but if there is a interest and keen, you'll definitely find it. just like anyone with any other dreams, hold on and you'll get to know more about it explore through it! for those who have not yet find a hobby or sth like this, heh... you will find it in one part of your life and it is going to be with you for a long long time ^^ so smile and see what is ahead of you.
people tend to look back too much that they always re-think about bad stuffs that happened and put themselves into a bad shape where people start to call them names, like attention seeking. i would say, I ENJOY ATTENTION, i dont deny. i kind of like when people give me their attention although idk who the heck are they or wut. i dont really care though. some people prefer low profiled daily life. but nah, thats too boring for me. BLEH.
back to the topicc. fall fashion is trendy and stylish. i gain loads of fashion ideas from this youtuber called @clothesencounter . do check her out, her fashion ideas are realy very pretty and admirable. she has a unique style. i would say, everyone is unique and special in your own way ( PS, if you happen to hate me, read this C A R E F U L L Y) . i would say no matter how good and kind you are, there will be one sucker that is gonna hate you, dont hold on the grudge that someone hates you yknow. just forget about the person, let them stab at your back as many times as they want because, you still have others to back you up and be beside you. no matter is boyfriend, bestfriend or just a good friend that can lean a shoulder on. treasure them yknow. they ain't gonna be there for you 100% every single time, you just need to get the fuck over it.
 I am, slowly learning this. Stay strong, be independent. you will never know who is gonna leave you now, and who knows, maybe next time your worse enemy will be your bestfriend after 10 years? and think back how silly you were. but, still choose you friends wisely, 2 faced bitches?????? fuck them :D  i can say holding my conscious that i am not 2 faced at all. i hate you, thats it, you know it when i walk pass you. i just hate you. i wont act up like i fucking like you pls. ohnono, indirects?? kick your face. its not about you and yet you fit in the shoe? its okay, go on and wear it.
done with it. you all get the story right? here are some pictures of me and my better fashion sense #OOTD s .


Love all of you, shall talk to you guys soon. Good Luck <3

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