Tuesday, 29 October 2013


who says, that she is going to blog the next day and did not, and not even the next next day. okay me. Im sorry guys~ i was just busy these days, like seriously busy but you guys dont know about it okay. soon you all will know what im busy about recently ~

so im going to update you all about last weeeeeeeeeeeek of my life. so YES, my holidays have started, idk if i have ever mention it before but yes, my holidays have started and it has been a pretty lazy one up till like 4 days ago i decided i wanted to exercise, and burn off some of the fats i have hidden somewhere under my unicorn skin, like i said, HIDDEN. so, i have this weird addiction to do blogilates. really, i have no idea why, my body just crave to exercise and i have the time anyways so i just did it. it feels awesome, to be able to be confident about myself and not being body consicious wherever you are~ so i believe everyone is special and unique, so just accept whatever you are because at the end of the day, there is someone who is going to love you, right <:

yeaps, 5th nov is the day where i am going to FLY to BKK ! i promise all of you out there ( my readers ), i will do a haul. i previously wanted to do a haul post, but i was lazy hehe, like seriously! because i had too much loots to begin with. ohnono, youre gonna judge me, but if you are a girl, fuck you, dont tell me you dont shop and buy clothes that you like and have the uncontrollable feeling about getting every shyt and put it inside your wardrobe okay. be practical.

okay, so i have 3 weddings coming up in november and december. yes you didnt read wrongly, its 3 EFFING WEDDINGS, MY FACE WILL BE RUIN BY THE END OF THE 3RD ONE. okay. i thought that i could do a " wedding guest outfit ideas" . or just some town thing thing. let me know if you want to see them!  
so yeah! just yesterday! i went to watch insidious2 for the third time ok................ okays la, went with glen litong dongjie and sherrieeeee! okayokay the movie is not too bad la, just that i wont classify it as horror, it isnt too scary ~
seems like me and sherrie always have a fashion chemistry <3

glen >>


this week arent too much stuffs to cover because i really didnt go out and cant go out much if you guys know ~ so, next week i will do a luggage packing blog i guess i believe because i am going oversea! i think its the perfect chance to do it, ill be sharing some of my summer staplessss, because there is only summer in sg XD

and i said goodbye to sailormoon uniform, just like on 22oct! so, next year im no longer a sailormoon ^^ and let me just say afew words about my class, i would say it was quite a fun year 1, but year 2 i have seen people much clearer, and i believe they have seen me much clearer too. some pictures!!

adib<< syahmi ^

fernando << syahmi ^

lxx<< adilah > syahfiqah >>



dzullll >>

adilah <<

goodluck x 


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