Thursday, 3 October 2013

loving yourself

<there is always rainbow after a big storm>

guess what! im more than halfway towards my FREEDOOOOOM. I have unoffically announce that my  EXAMs ARE "over", well at least those harder and stressful ones are!

HI MY PANDAS AND LIONS AND WHATEVER ANIMAL YOU LIKE. so actually i was deciding whether to stop blogging because idk, time and all those shit. But something knocked me alittle just last night. I cant believe because of my words in my blog had inspired and stopped someone from doing the wrong thing. I dont really know i actually made a small difference to someone else. it was quite an impact to me. Its a heart felt emotion that just strucked into me. kind of hard to believe and idk... its just URGH.
SO YEAH, just before i started typing this blog. there was quite a indirect war on twitter, it involved my close ones, or rather good friends, yknow i no friends so almost everyone i know i am close with them?, it seemed like quite a upsetting stuffs going on. fight and tiffs cannot be spared when you get someone you love. i have learnt. Esp if you're goodlooking or just have a really good personality where people tend to "fall in love" with you. okay, why the heck i put the "quoting". its because, its not love. it is just a feeling when someone treats you nice. You think that he/she likes you because he/she texts you very friendly or cheers u up when you're sad. my dear girl or boy, Where are all your friends? aren't they all suppose to treat you that way too? you may need to re-sort out who is really good to you or putting you into advantage. like proven, a relationship costs you at least 2 friends. i kind of agree but i kind of disagree. haters that dislike you because of your bf/gf should go and die, you decide that your partner is the special one and others should respect and support. right? ^^

dont let someone else make you lose yourself. i would say, love yourself. i took a very long time until recently i started to learn, why? how? to love myself. If you cant even love yourself, how do you expect others to love you? people get tired when they keep repeating things over and over. you want and want to deserve their love, you should begin to heed good advices. Loving yourself no matter what happens, because you got to be happy by yourself even when no one is beside you. It is hard, but it is possible yknow. keep yourself occupy with work and family and engage in healthy activites with your friends? ^^ life wont be a sucker for long if they see you happy like this, it will brighten your way through and even brighten others as well!

enough of all this crap, lets get down to seriously business. Yknow, i have always love lions, they are so cute and like soft....... their fur i mean. lions have this strong justice within them... issit just me or... hahaha. they seem really strong and fierce, but they take good care of their mane ( if its a lion) , if its a lioness its very caring and gentle mother towards their little cubs. hehehehehehehehehehe so cute.
so, its just a random thought in my mind now. What will you do, if oneday, the whole world ignore you? truthfully answer that. sadness. pain.


i love this picture

just me and my specs

have a great day ahead <3

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