Saturday, 26 October 2013


is that you. 

hey guys, so today's post is just going to be my thoughts when the rain fell and hit the ground. its just 5 more days and it will be November. who knows time will pass so fast and it will not rewind again. hates < love . 2014 will be a new start for me and you, you all know it that there is no point bringing hate over to the next year. isnt 2013 enough of hate? or maybe you just like the feeling of hatin' on people or whatsoever, i just pretty much wish and hope that you, yeah you, will drop all of those hates and grudge towards people that treat you badly and always want to bring you down. You have got to stand on your own, although im not the right person to say this because i do lean on people, but i guess they are trustworthy enough for me to stay close to them.
dont ever let haters bring you down, because they aint your level, they are way lower than what you are. like i said before, you have to stand on your own, but not fighting back. trust me, you hate that the person you hate smiles. you will wish all type of tragic stuffs to happen to make them suffer. that is why there is a saying, ' smiling kills your enemy' . one day they will find out that making you feel miserable isnt going to bring you down, but instead, it will make them feel miserable themselves mm? tiring, isnt it?
sometimes you said you wished someone understands how you feel when they did something you didnt like. 2014, what about you going to understand people more first ? sometimes taking things lightly will just make everything feels better, when youre taking things too hard, the person that will get hurt.. its just you. its not worth.
i asked myself, what if oneday someone very important leaves me, what will happen? my world will just come crashing above of me and leave me with nothing to feel. wont i be alone and lonely. i wont be who i was anymore i guess, i will change, to someone else you all never ever seen before, broken hearted, bloody inner scars. all the words they said to make me feel better will just make me feel worse. its another side of me, you will never want to see.
its just some random thoughts that i had running through my mind today. tmr i will den blog up and update you guys about my week.

goodluck x

just a amazingly adorable pikachu <3

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