Tuesday, 19 November 2013

East Coast Park ❤

this will be a short blog of my day, emotion and feelings of today, at ECP with love.

lets get started, so we both actually had a pretty bad tiff with each other and to be really honest, i was alittle numb towards us but the feeling got back last night, so thank god for that. and i just feel i need to be a understanding girlfriend from now on, what he needs, what i need, shall all my inside.

love has no limits. 

if you guys decided to love, dont give up on it so easily, love is an undefined feeling that is so powerful to change someone. Girl, you need to know that your boyfriend isn't a mind reader, so express. embrace. compromise. are keys towards lasting love.
back to the ecp~ okay, we promised to go see sunset someday, and after 11months we finally got to see it together.. it was really stunning to me and I felt alot of emotions while seeing the sunset. it felt like we finally accomplished something that we wanted to do. i was literally playing with sand and was like a kid hahahaha~ but luckily, he doesnt mind and even played along, i was dang lucky to have this kind of boyfriend.

Who is, gentle and loving but playful and handsome.  I think every girl will find their boyfriend handsome in someway , whether its when he holds your hand, or wash the dishes, cooking for you whatever, just there will be something. and for me, its when he tries to be serious but end up giggling and playing along, to me, thats attractive <3

The sky was stunning.. and sunset. ♡

we even drew on the sand, can see on his face he really doesn't want to and not willing to, but in the end, we both still did. because i really wanted to.......

after that, we went back, on the way to the busstop, i asked him if he had fun playing and just sitting in the sand with me, and guess what i got, A BIG FAT NO. he said its the worse part and he disliked it. and for the moment i was like.. grumpy, because i was having fun and felt lots of love. after... i thought back and realised he indeed had fun and was happy as well.. this is call, kou shi xin fei. your heart tells you, you are happy, but you just dw to say.

but its okay, because, i starting to understand you. hey baby if you are reading, i finally got the hang of it. i will find my way in. iloveyou. 

so i have came to the end of this post, its a really short one about today, 19th november 2013.

i mean like we are suppose to appreciate every single moment of our lives.

good luck x


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