Tuesday, 12 November 2013

journey in bangkok

*type type type* *types 1000 words* * laptop crashed* and repeat 2 times. how cute is my com doing......
WHATSUP EVERYBODY!!!!!! i cnt share my fuuuuuu mood, because my lappy keep crash and i haven saved my work for the bloggggg :< okayokay. so this blog post will be all i did and what i do, and ootds ! LETS GO BABY BABY ~

DAY 1  
ootd day 1

so the flight was at 12pm! but the flight delayed for an hour or so because the air craft landed late... when they make the announcement i was like.... NOOOOOOOO NOOO NOO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.

( feeling : sulky )

FINALLY GOT UP THE DAMN PLANE YO, but i was feeling kind of like dizzy and so crappy feeling to faint feeling. it was pretty bad and i cnt even fall asleep, thank god it was just a 2h flight.

( feeling : unwell )

the airplane food i chose was, fish + curry + rice! didnt taste bad, the fish was a little dry but it doesnt have the fishy taste, which i appreciate alot alot! it taste pretty good as well ^^ but the curry tasted like tomyam AHAHAHHA

( feeling : nomnomnom )

reached bkk at 2.30pm ( bkk time ) which is 3.30 pm sg time! it actually has 1h time difference which made me jet lagged like hell sia!

( feeling : yayie )

got up a cab and went to the hotel! the view is pretty good not too bad to stay although its a pretty old hotel already but it still okay to sleep in, no cockroaches or anything disgusting. it has a shopping complex right down the hotel, which made it extra easy to shop around if its gonna ever rain yknow.

( feeling : little tired )

after resting and settled down at the hotel room, went to a big big big bigggg fashion mall! its called platunium~ bought loads of stuffs in just afew hours, but it was all good and set ! pretty much a good experience! when we went back to the hotel, there was a crazy sale going on. i dress $6-7??????????????????? shirt $3-4 ???? are you kidding me this price urgh, just buy it people.

( feeling : jet lagging time )

bought supper back, fried mama , corn, pineapple, omg their fruits are the sweetest god, crap.

~~~~~~~~~~~~end of day 1 ppl~~~~~~~~~~~~~

DAY 2  
ootd with cutiepie

woke up with a damn dry and painful throat, hurts like hell seriously, wasnt joking about this, cnt talk for awhile.

( feeling : damn )

went to walk on the streets and there are super cheap stuffs i can never say how cheap is it, if you are a shopaholic and decides to go bangkok , i suggest u bring a roller bag, because you are most likely going to buy every single crap there.


after that, went to a bigger shopping mall, isetan if you guys know, in singapore also have it. its more of a high ended place and the prices that are there are pretty close to the singapore one, of course because its international brand, duh? i got nothing there but a nice meal ^^ with a super loud plum lipstick which i never dared to wear in singapore because i am going to get judged. bleh, but no one knows be there, or they might think im crazy but they are most likely never going to see me again in my entire life. so WHO CARES.  

( feeling : NOMNOM )

and my throat hurts again............

( feeling : crap )

while i am in bangkok , i had been rocking my sunglasses that i almost never got a chance to wear in singapore, so im so loving it right in this moment. and yes, its pretty sunny over there so im really thankful my mother bought me a good sunglasses which protected and blocked my eyes off the sun. BE DANG THANKFUL IF YOU HAVE SUNGLASSES, YOU MIGHT NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU NEED A PAIR .

( feeling : chic )

next next, we went to ma bu kong aka MBK at the national stadium area, so yeah, i got most of my makeup products over there and its pretty awesome to use. loving my naked pallets so much, both, naked 1 and 2. got some lipsticks and eye liners as well, it was a pretty good experience there and i had good food there. for the first day i touched down on bangkok, i told my mother i wanted to eat a chilli +  garlic + spices + steam fish. it tasted like heaven, you guys got to try it someday if possible.

( feeling : SUPER EXCITED for no reason. )

after , we went to siam paragon and central world. they are pretty near from each other so we could just walk over. high ended goods! but still loots here and there.

( feeling : tired already )

SORE LEGS , SORE ARMS, SORE SHOULDERS, SORE EVERYWHERE YOU CAN THINK OF. but thank god for massages services provided in bangkok, it feels super good and relaxing and helped me with my cramping legs every few hours.

( feeling : thankful, relaxed )

 yeaps , you guessed it, we went back to the hotel and just feeling that bangkok or thailand in general has the most traditional flavours out of all the places i have been to.

<< END OF DAY 2 >>

DAY 3 ! 


woke up with a sleepy state, i mean, who doesn't , just extra sleepy for me, because the few days before we flew to bangkok, i didnt slept well, and amazingly i can sleep better in a hotel then in my own home. i have no idea why.

( feeling : sleepy )

so we went to the streets to shop again, seriously guys, you are not going to believe whats the price there compared to singapore, i mean like, maybe the quality might not be as good, but its confirmed to be able to wear it. okay what am i driving at. we ate, duck rice and wontan noodles, they tasted like heaven although i did not eat much because i am not much of a breakfast person.

( feeling : evil )

after we went back to platunium and shop the heck out of the mall.i swear its like one of the most craziest place i ever been in my whole life, i cant imagine what will happen if sherrie was there. god man. bring back the whole bangkok (?)

( feeling: happy )

next up to ASIATIC ! its a outdoor shopping thingy, that is much from a big investment i guess heheh! i would say, its not a perfect place to shop because it doesnt have the wow factor  but i did find some cute little stuffs there that are pretty unique ! but it is pretty far away from my hotel, so we cabbed there! the taxi fare is so cheap you will never believe it guys. NEVER BELIEVE. and over at asiatic, there is a some sort of polluted river, and a ferris wheel that turned so fast, im like what.

( feeling : hungry )

after we just cabbed back to the shopping mall, but it was raining super heavily outside, so we took a turn and went back to the hotel. but i was hungry, so we all risked the rain to get food. its one of the best i could say. SUPER CHEAP 3 dishes + 1 soup = $8? WTF. yeah i know. as long you dont mind the environment !

( feeling : heheheheheeheh )

end of day 3.

day 4 !


day 5!

day 4 and 5 are just more of shopping and shopping. so i guess i dont have to describe you how i shop right people. so i shall skip day 4 and 5.  and its pretty obvious that i had a big ass haul . i will do a haul blog next, please be patient on that post, because i need some time to take the pictures and upload and edit and of course type! please be patient because i really have alot to go through for that post, once i am done, i will edit as fast as possible!
thanks for reading my journey to bangkok with me~
i went full retard when i saw that thing

coconut in a coconut icecream

good luck x 

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