Monday, 25 November 2013

Rants // Wedding

STORY TIME :  A woman desperate for a taxi.

im going to ang mo kio with my mother and sis on a fine saturday. we crossed the road and there was this woman standing like further down the road. my house the road is like one scratch so you can actually stand anywhere along the road to get a taxi, ITS NOT A BLOODY TAXI STAND. a taxi came and obviously because i am at the front, i flagged it duh. life is unfair, you get the taxi if you use your brain ; dumb bitch , i dont care how long she stood there for a taxi, must well she stand infront of me and go take the cab lorh. SHE FUCKING SHOUTED AT US, " OI WHY YOU ALL (&%#$(*&)(^%$#$%^ " honestly idk what she was saying. WALAO EH, I DAMN NICE AND LET HER HAVE THE TAXI ALR WHAT, IS THE TAXI DONT WANT TO FETCH HER IN THE END OSO GO AWAY. then, another taxi came and i flagged, my mother told me to let her have the cab BUT i refused, i mean, of course, i let her have the first 1 already and so obviously the second one is ours. SHE IS JUST CURSED WITH BADLUCK AND NO ONE WANNA FETCH HER, NOT EVEN TAXI . she got effing pissed because we got up the second cab. SHE BU SHUANG GO TAXI PICTURE OF US (???????). Want stomp issit??? ok la i'll let you have the $50 NTUC voucher, and give me a chance to be famous around singapore.
tbh, if my mother isnt there, i would have scolded her back even louder. that road isnt even a taxi stand. and listen guys, this world, nothing is fair, its how you get things. i got it earlier because i was using my brain you brainless faggot.  and thanks to you, my morning was ruined so perfectly.

PHEW, HI SUNFLOWERS ! im back to this blog post today~ i went to a wedding dinner of my uncle and the food wasnt really very good but it was edible so i wouldn't say its very bad. they looked so blessed and i hope they have a good future and ill have a baby cousin soon mm?~
my mom said we looked like his mistress......




my table, table 8~ with my dad's brother which we call him jiujiu!

makeup of the day

i actually went to Forever 21 and oh my , the beanies are so cute and awesome. but i didnt buy, maybe next week when i go with sherrie ill get one.. or 2 ... or 3 hahahah~ the makeup wipes are really good!!!! it has 30 sheets and it only costed $5~ quite cheap for makeup wipes. i dont usually use them, i only use them to like clean excess or just clean my face. it worked fine i think, maybe im going to get another pack~

i did my nails.. it looks like watermelon dont it heheheh.

okay~ thats the end of the week! do tell my blog ideas because i need some inspiration ~ ^^
RAIN's obsession~

good luck x


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