Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2014 Resolutions

Hello guys. It will be 2014 in just a few hours and I am so excited for it to come because my year didn’t end with the most perfect ending and I honestly cannot wait for the New Year to start.

I always vow to be extra nicer to my friends, extra caring, extra generous, extra friendly. Just be nice to everybody out there who does care about me. Like even the least I appreciate it a lot.

I always wanted to change my impression of myself to others, like because I have this face, THIS FACE, people are not willing to come close to me. In which I look like a person who is hard to get along which made me felt really sad because I believe that is not the way it should. I want more friends and more close people. Although one is enough and I am already very thankful for it.

I always have this New Year Resolution where I say I am going to save money. 2014, another year to try again, for a shopaholic like me, its really hard to resist the temptation of the word “SALE”. I am going to try and save and buy more stuffs for my loved ones instead of for myself.

Studying well, I always just hope to do this so I can get myself proud, my parents proud. It honestly its one of the hardest task I have ever seen myself putting into. Although this is a really common resolution but I honestly don’t usually say I am going to get good results. But this year will be a year I change, hopefully.

Blog more, as much as I do enjoy blogging, I honestly afraid I do not have the time to do so. Secondary 3 life will be hectic I believe, at least from what I see, it is pretty much hectic and I still want to continue writing blogs and recording down all the little things in my life and so when I re-read them, I am like just reading a diary of my life.

Like I mention before, I really wanted to lose some weight, I know I do not look fat at all but I am just really heavy. I think because my bones are really dense that is why, but yeah. I won’t try and diet. Don’t worry guys, I will exercise as much as possible and eat a healthy lifestyle. Because I honestly think, if you want to gain a healthier life style, exercising is the best. If you think you are really fat and all you do is just complain that you are fat, nobody can help you except yourself. Get up from that sofa and get your body working out.

I want to make a difference into someone’s life. I don’t know does this count as a resolution or not but I just thought that being able to make a positive difference into other person’s life will be really nice and exciting. Even it might be just a really small thing but maybe you had already saved someone’s life.

Go to an orphanage. I have always wanted to go again after I did once when I was young.  I just want to help others in need where they grew up in an environment where there is lack of parent’s love and care. This society has been really bad where people do not even care and do not give a damn to those people. I just want to help them even its just a slight difference. The moment when they ask you, “ when are you coming back again?” just made me feel that they are always lonely. And I dislike being lonely.

I want to get a new laptop. Not because my laptop sucks just because I find that having a new one will make a difference because I can then use one for studying and the other one for gaming so I won’t get disturbed if I am studying.

I need to stop buying shoes, it’s a problem. Honestly, I will try to make a shoe collection soon like really soon after all the shoes I ordered have arrived. 2 of the pairs have already arrived. Its cheap, fashionable and quality wise worth the price.

I guess that is about all for now? At least from what I think of.
Ohhh, and lastly, I want to stay happy all day long and I want to be the happiest girl.

I love you all out there.

Goodluck x

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