Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Another way to end 2013

The way to end the year. Confessions and correcting them.

It may seem a little weird and confusing but yes. I do want to know how you really thought of me from the start till now. I may not know you for a very long time, or rather you just know me. Or how you may know me randomly through someone else’s mouth.

I honestly felt better when I know what people truly thought about me. I felt really good. It may seem a little sick but, yes.

Why bring misunderstandings and upsets over to a brand new year. 

Although it sounds really weird writing this post and you reading this.
I didn’t know I was such a person in your eyes. Who am I in your eyes. Just another bitch, a friend, a person whom I can never be friends with.

I don’t claim to be acting cool or just want attention. Although I enjoy positive attention. My attitude is just like this, or rather a icy feeling? In the good way, or just another fake person. I don’t even know how all those rumors come about in the school and out there to other people.

I admit I am pretty hard to get along at first but if you are nice to me, I cannot find a reason to dislike you. I am a pretty cheerful person in general if you kind of or sort of know me. Am i?

I tried to smile more and I tried to be myself more. Because the way I portray myself is as if I am such an arrogant person and I am just so “high” up where no one can reach me, because I “didn’t want” to be part of the fun club.

I am not a perfect person, I do talk behind people’s back, I do do what other normal teenager does. I want to talk to many people, I want to have a wide circle of friends where I can confide myself into.

Although I always look like I am alone. I really detest being alone. People do not notice because its just my face where I look like this and I do not like to portray a face where I am so desperate that I need someone to always be there.
I am sorry if I ever did anything to hurt you. I am sorry. I know this sorry can’t make you feel any better because what hurt you already hurt you. So, its up to you to see me in a different light.

Read my blog again in 2014 ^^


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