Saturday, 7 December 2013

blushing face ?


hi guys, just wanted to share my experience at Dior's party. DISCLAIMER: i am not paid to say anything good about them so this is what I honestly feel about the whole event.

it started when it was around 4.30 pm in the afternoon, i was suppose to leave house at around 5.15pm to meet my momma at yishun, so i gave myself more time.. I really needed that I guess.... choosing clothes is the worse part of my whole crap in preparing to go out, I am that bad that I can spend 1 hour changing in and out about what I want to wear. so mmm, don't underestimate my power in doing such things.

at first I wore a grey cropped top and a mid-waist denim , eventually become a dress and a military jacket. I mean like, does that even link together, no. im weird like this so dont judge me because I have no time to entertain you little cheeky little brats out there tryin' to bring me down huh??? 

after I met my mother we went TAKA together and when we arrived the event just started. pretty much, there is a 10% in the whole mall and like special packages for Dior. and they have like little events, Best Dressed, top 3 biggest spenders, and a lucky person to get to have a makeover by the famous makeup artist. I believe I have seen his face in magazines before but I just couldn't recall his name...I will come back to tell you guys who is he okay. I promise.

He first like showed a makeup look on the model, I TELL YOU I LITERALLY HAD A GIRL CRUSH ON THE MODEL, she is so tall, so pretty so full of elegance. I was honored enough to get a picture with her. As you can see, the height difference just showed how tall she is.

AND, the lucky person to get makeup by the artist was me...... I was happy of course, but I was honestly afraid because I have too many bad incidents with makeup artists, because they do not know how to handle my face honestly. But thank god he did a clean and simple look and it reflected quite ok on me hehe. But he put alot of pinkish blush on my cheeks.... super pink. But people said, I look kinder and cuter. Honestly, that wasn't my image and I am not type of girl that goes for the sweet line~ but it was of course nice to get compliments ^^

Got myself a perfume, it was the super classic perfume of Dior's.. i bet you have seen this before at least once in your life. Its too classic not to know. Just that, this perfume is more special, Its engraved with a pair of angel wings and at the front, I personally ask the lady to help me engrave "vixx" but in korean. Just as a mini celebration for my oppas for getting their First Win in MBC's Music Bank. I am really thankful and grateful for this because those boys really deserve them. When I got the news that they won, my eyes literally went teary and I felt really blessed to be part of the STARLIGHT family. I honestly cannot express the amount of happiness I am actually experiencing. VIXX FIGHTING <3

So I end up feeling really happy up until now and I am listening to Vixx while typing all of this. Why not take a second and hear their song? ( I'll put the link down at the end of the post, be sure to view at least once okay ! )

For the whole thing, I think I really enjoyed the whole experience for Dior's event and their dessert is really good. mmmmmm~ im just another monster heh.

thanks for reading, love y'all
Goodluck x

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