Monday, 16 December 2013

Busy month

HEY GUYS!!! .... or girls... or women... or man....

sorry for looking like i am drunk but i am super tired 

sorry for like, such a damn late time and I am now than doing this. Whatever I say will be an excuse so, let's move on.

I am honestly so tired for this 2 weeks, haven't been sleeping well. Attend weddings like cray cray until I could actually feel my face rotting because of the makeup of long hours.

Can't believe December is really coming to an end, which means, holidays are coming to an end soon. I am half excited. Just a mixed feeling.. yknow.

Just 2 days ago, I attended a wedding of my aunt! She was really gorgeous that night. It was at Swiss Hotel, the price is CRAZYYYYY, I cannot express how expensive and class that place is although I have been there for like high tea or lunch.

mainstream wedding menu

sprite because their wine suck balls


Relatives are all commenting on my makeup which made me feel really small, but it was all compliments. But I kind of sense another meaning to it, but WHO CARES. I think, the only person that can let yourself be affected is you ( although I am always affected ) . I think I looked pretty, which made it fine. ^^

OF COURSE how can I NOT, take selfies like crazy? 

sissy and mom



 here you go. In case you wonder why did my chio become so chio, of course, she is under my magical fingers.


Yesterday, I went to test the bridesmaid dress, AGAIN, yes, because they changed the measurement for me and it fit great now. It is a really cute dress, do I look cute? hehe! ok, eff myself.

AND... I am wanting to buy myself a pair of shoes to suit the bridesmaid dress, but I do not know how high I should buy, how dazzling it should be, or how I should rock my shoes. I really like those rough type of shoes, but how am I going to suit it with a such girly outfit ?

previously in the week, I went out with my dearest girl again~ pictures! I really like time being with her, she will never be my second choice, honestly. 

Don't ask me stupid question like " if Sherrie and Alexi fell off the damn sea, who would I save first in terms where they both do not know how to swim " Because, you little brat.

I dislike to choose between people.

Because all those that lived in my world now, are all people I don't wish to lose.

BTW guys... I have been obsessively drinking ribena. Like crazy, is that bad? most likely is. But I still do not have the thought of stopping. So nice!
that's about it.... love ya'll~

goodluck x

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