Monday, 2 December 2013


hey guys~ I know its has been one week since I blogged ? but because I honestly i am so lazy to summurize my week coz i practically did nth~

I am that person who is actually secretly excited for school next year, being an upper secondary~ although i dread thinking about me being in another class with my bff but I WILL GET OVER IT SOMEDAY BITCHES. Because i honestly believe, being in different classes serves us a good purpose as well, honestly yeaps. so i wont talk so much in class, tend to listen to class more ~ and after school we still have time duh. -hearts-

so i painted behind my cupboard because apparently my mother asked me to paste posters but they are all too precious to me so, mm, alittle time and i can fix this bullshit plain rotting back to a amazing painting ( thats what she said ). honestly, me? painting? is 2 different world. I honestly suck at art, i cannot even draw a straight line. == but i still did a really simple drawing~ and paint!

my cousins went to hongkong the previous week and they got me some gifts which are really cute, i have yet to try the nail polishes but the cupcakes ( looks delicious right), its actually lip stain or rather lip balm, its very very very moisturizing and the colour is pretty pigmented~

current fav nail polishhhhh

and great news guys!!!!! i found my heart beats........ its super cute and working super fine. love how the bass beat is always louder. mehehehe.

 btw guys........ i got my DREAM SHOES OMGOMGOMG, MY JEFFREY CAMPBELLS, i saw it on sale at takashimaya, I HAVE TO GET IT HONESTLY, its my first time wearing a JC but its also my first pair of JC....... i love it, but its too high ?? alittle bit, but its okay, ill try and walk and faster break into those bad boys. <3 <3

and i have a black friday shopping haul~ ^^ coming soon!

good luck x 

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