Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Fashion Risks

This is a topic I am honestly and earnestly EXCITED ABOUT.

Nowadays what I see is, very less people actually take fashion as a very big thing. People just chuck in anything and just leave the house.

But there is occasions where we actually look and dare to wear what we want to wear, and not afraid of the eyes of others, Halloween ?

Everyone bring out that set of clothing that they never worn for the past 12 months. But WHY?

Have you ever found a dress or a very loud shirt you haven't worn in a very long time and it only appear when you are packing your cupboard?

Whether it is a dress, or maybe a shirt, or it may just be a jacket. Why aren't we you wearing them?

Is it because it has a very weird print on it?

Or it's something you won't before but people commented it wasn't nice and you decide to ditch it?

Or is it because you see everyone out there is not wearing anything like this?

Or you are just scared of human's dirty little thoughts?

I use to see like really pretty seniors and seeing them wearing so pretty clothes. I wanted to be ^EXACTLY like them.

Same hair, same face, same clothes, same shoes.

How I grew out of being envious of people and start being all " my style " I really don't know.

Maybe it's just me that I woke up and decided I didn't want to be someone else anymore. I want to be what I am.

I want to wear what I want to.


Start softly and rock your style to everywhere.

I truely respect people who don't give a fuck to anybody and would honestly wear whatever they feel like wearing.

Lets just take some examples that you will know, Lady gaga, Or Nicki Minaj I would say they are the extreme examples.

But If I say, people like Naomi Neo, Jenn Im, they rock their unique styles. Wherever they go. In case you wonder, Naomi is a Singapore blogger and Jenn is Fashion guru at youtube and she does blog as well.

 I will leave their links down below so you guys can check it out~

I am a crazy person when it comes to fashion risks.

I will take multiple fashion risk at a time. I am that cray cray. I don't have a style, I wear whatever I feel like that day.

Either people think I am weird or I am crazy or some people just thought I ran out a mental hospital.

But I dont mind, because I am wearing something, I feel like it's nice.

And what you think, is what matters.

goodluck x

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