Thursday, 12 December 2013

Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

YES GUYS... like you read at the title, I am doing a GIVEAWAY!!!!!! its a very small giveaway but I still hope you like them , the giveaway rules will be at the bottom of the whole blog post so be sure to read till the end and find out how you can win this pair of earring and bracelet. Whether you want to win it for your friend as a gift or for yourself~

Its December, it will be Christmas soon! and obviously 2014 is going to start in a blink~ BUT HEY it will be a very good year!


Girls and Guys but some are just Unisex items you can just mix around~ I would say, buying a girl a gift is really easy compared to buy for a guy..... All of this are just what I think will be good as gifts, I would love to receive and love to give.
Let's get started!

 first off, it will be facial masks, I think this is like one of the best gift you can ever think of. It works wonders to your skin and I bet, your girlfriend/s ( both guy and girls ) will love you more than they ever would.

For brands I will recommend - The beauty diary and NARUKO. This brands can be easily found at Watsons and it is not very pricy. It come in a box of 10 each.

Next item will be a good taste on chocolates. Chocolates are like the most basic gift I can ever think of and it can be use to give at any occasion.

I got this pretty packaged box of chocolate at Candy Empire at $10 for 4 boxes, and it actually taste really really really good. It has different flavours to choose from so I think it is pretty worth it.

LIPSTICK! obviously this will be pin pointed to the ladies out here. Need a gift but not to slobby for your girl or your girl-friends. Lipstick or just tinted lip balm will be just alright for them.

For lipstick, if you are going for a higher budget I suggest Guerlains's lipstick, it draws on very smoothly and it doesn't stain your lips. I love the colour " ROUGE automatique 661 " Its a very pinkish colour which made it really girly but the pink is really bold.

For the slightly cheaper range I will recommend Elizabeth Arden's lipstick range. I like deep wine red colour so I will say the colour " winter wildberry" . The colour really just stand out and pop.      

And for tinted lip balm, I will just say its Maybelline's Baby Lip's collection's. There is no why, you try it, you know it.

Perfume! It is one of the hardest gift to buy if you do not know the person will enough. BUT if you buy classic perfumes where usually most people like it, you are more likely to be in the safe zone. I suggest the Dior's " j'adore " . I bet you seen this before, it has been out for such a long time and many people are still loving this.

But if you want to take a risk. Go for the Alien by Thierry Mugler. This is somewhat like risk it or go home perfume because not everyone know how to appreciate this scent. It has a very unique smell and i believe it's a fruity undertone with floral top.

Next next, its sunglasses. Its unisex I would say, it depend what design you buy. I personally like gradient lens, when the light hits it, it's still opaque. 

I got this pair of sunglasses on sale for only 60 bucks. I cannot help it, the brand is pretty ok, the quality is good. But of course, you can just get a cheaper one, I believe there are many shops in Orchard or town are selling sunglasses.

This is a very interesting thing I got at Orchard Central. The front is like a director's cut. Honestly I have no idea what is the name of it. If you know, comment down below, because I really want to know.

But I thought it will be cool and really cute to record down and make it into a picture book or scrap book, for a best friend or my boyfriend. It need a lot of time commitment so, its just an idea!

Caps, it's somewhat in the trend right now. I thought that it will be a perfect gift for guys, if they like to wear caps or girls who like caps. Pretty much unisex. I got mine on a blog shop at $10~

This is the best gift, a hoodie or a jacket. I am obsessed with hoodies especially when it has really deep pockets, I can choose to ditch my purse . I have no control when I see them. So fluffy and comfortable, perfect to sleep in.

This hoodie is NOT MINE, it's my boyfriend's. You can get the same one at H&M or get a similar one at Uniqlo~


THATS ALL TO MY GIFT GUIDE, now on to the giveaway!
Rules for the giveaway! (ONLY SINGAPORE )

1. Follow my twitter: @_NSNceline and instagram : @nshini_ ( don't worry if you do not have one or both, you still can enter)

2. Tweet me a tweet " @_NSNceline I am joining 's giveaway!!! " , If you do not have twitter, you can comment down below!

3. Comment on this post and tell me what is your favourite food.

4. DONE ! remember to ask your friends to join too!

 goodluck x


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