Monday, 23 December 2013

Love in the ice

Your small, cold hands and trembling lips
Able to carry on as if nothing has happened
Are you afraid of remembering someone?
Struggling to swallow the words bubbling up to your lips
Your back view resembles falling white snow
Melting bit by bit
Just like the star that doesn’t leave the dark night sky
We’ll carry this dream forever together with love and trust
If I were that person
Once again
I’d hug your hardened heart tightly in my arms forever
Against the wall of reality
Even the coldest of hearts
At the end of the flowing tears
The fuzzy stream of light
Shines brightly in the darkness
Passing through that time
Able to feel each other’s body heat
In the heart that stops breathing
Everyone has scars and heavy sighs
I’m trying to find that space in time when I can draw you into my arms
I can’t believe how just whispering to you make me so nervous
Till we can be together in my world
Alone in the end of time, my heart
Don’t be afraid because you were left alone
Till the end of time I’ll let you know my love
I’ll protect you, you know
Because I love you, I’ll let you know my love

 baby, if you are reading this. I am broken. ily.

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