Tuesday, 10 December 2013

November Favourites 2013

HIHI guys~ I finally brought myself infront of the computer and decided to start typing a blog. and I honestly do not know what to do, so I went around the webs to find inspirations and finally got some~
I thought that I shall start my favourite of the month series ^^  i know its alittle late for November, but its better than never coming right !! I will have a broad range of category  for favourites, there will be like beauty, fashion, music, songs, bands, and just some more random stuffs I own.
firstly, it will definitely be my Revlon ColorStay foundation. I got this at the airport before going to Bangkok. I like to get my products from the airport, because its dutyfree.... its much cheaper from the amount of things I bought of course.

Forever 21 makeup wipes, let me tell you girls out there, this work so much better than most of them in SEPOHRA, I swear, and its alot cheaper from what I can see from the market which i am really grateful and thankful. This wipes, work AMAZEBEANS. Perfect gift for your girlfriends. who wears makeup of course.

favourite scent of the month will go to this lovely lafe rose reed diffuser. It smells floral but it has kind of a fruity undertone. I place this inside my room non stop, once its done, I will re-fill it.... and re-fill it non stop.

NEXT UP, OH MY GOD I AM MOST EXCITED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU ALL. ITS A JAPANESE CURRY ,but its already pre-made. I got this at Daiso for $2, I mean Daiso stuffs are all $2. THIS IS VERY DELIOUS. There are more flavour but I personally like the vegetable one. All you have to do is to heat up the packet inside and its ready to serve!!!!

my favourite song is Secret Night by VIXX. although this song release late november but I am addicted and I could actually sing with it. Its a song written and composed by Ravi. so check it out, link = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2NLI9y4__I

thats all for my November Favs~ I will upload again VERY SOON VERY VERY SOON. 

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