Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What Society Force Us To Become

Have you ever been asked or rather humiliated by another asking you to look into the mirror? I did.

Have anyone told you, " you are really ugly " in the face before? I did.

Had anyone told you to go on a diet? I did.

Have anyone told you that they didn't want to be your friend because you're ugly and fat and just disgusting? I did.

Have you ever gone to a state where you seriously hate the everybody. Well, for this no.

" Why can't I be her/him? "

" Why can't I be thin? "

" Why can't I be pretty/handsome?"

" Why did I even born with this horrifying face? "

" Why can't I be perfect?" 

" Why is everyone staring at me, is my face too disgusting? or is it my fats are shaking so hard? "

I realise how distorted this world became to satisfy " beauty " . How much teenage girls and guys will try to be " perfect" . Let me tell you, no matter what you become, there is still going to be people hatin' , they try to bring you down because they are jealous of who you are.

Everyone has their own pros and cons, no matter what. Flaws can be really a distracting thing, I know that feeling where you feel like you lack something here and there. Or when you look into the mirror and you feel disgusted.

There won't be 100% haters. There are going to be people who likes you, and love you for who you are. Because they can see your good points. There are many different pros someone can be, confidence? kindness? beautiful smile? pretty eyes?

Think of it, pretty faces will not last. But a pretty heart does. That special someone will see all the beautiful things about you, every single little thing you do to that person, just seems right, just seems perfect.

The society forced us to accept being " beautiful " is being thin, being pretty, being smart, being elegant. What anger me the most is people accept it.

I believe everyone has that little soul inside of yourself, telling you, this is not what beautiful is. A person's character can play a big difference.

Everyone is DIFFERENT, some are tall, some are smart, some are pretty, its endless. For me, I am really bad at directions and numbers but for others it may just be a piece of cake.

Being YOU is what going to bring out the inner glow. I've learnt that in the hard way, you may be like I am only 14. But no one is going to know how bad I was.
People are mean. Because it's just human to be selfish and defensive towards themselves. Because we are all weak inside.

I used to be very fat, like fat. I used to think of ways on how to get thinner? Should I stop eating? or eat much lesser. There was once where I suddenly consume very less food and yes, I lost ALOT of weight, too much weight. And whenever I try to eat more food than I usually would, I will feel really uncomfortable.

I will look at pictures of skinny and pretty girls. I would really love to be them. I would really love to see myself being all nice. I never thought I would get out of this. But I did.

Maybe you are just insecure about others. Just try not to care. As much as possible, remind yourself how lucky you are to be in this world. You got a chance, you still have a long way to go, right?

There are times where you just feel so small, everyone despise you. That moment when you feel that you are useless, its indescribable pain within.

I felt like the whole world was against me. Like a 1 vs 10000000000000000 game. You are bound to fail someway but if you have the determination to change, it will.

Be who you want to be. Do it the right way.  

Take this moment, look into that mirror, say that you are sorry, and SWEAR TO YOURSELF, you will love yourself more. 

Because you deserve it. 

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