Thursday, 23 January 2014

13 questions tag ( part 2)

So hey guys, its finally done. Not very long but I spend alot of time thinking about my answers, hope I answered some of your questions alright! Do tell me if you like more of this post~

8. Favourite band and song

This has got to be VIXX. You know it, I am a lover to VIXX and I am much more or less a devoted Starlight. Favourite song will be Secret Night by VIXX.

I think I will do like a blog about like my favourite songs at the moment and this kind???????

9. What kind of style would you describe yourself as having?

not a girly girl, more of a rock one. I like chunky heels and boots, I love my moto jackets. or rather, I wear what I wanna. That is what people usually do, but I seriously just wear whatever I want to. You don't know how serious it is.

10. Favorite number

10, favourite number because there is a saying in chinese, shi quan shi mei. which mean perfection.

11. Two hobbies

Blogging and Shopping... or shopping doesn't count because I think it is more of an addiction. den it will be blogging and dancing? Honestly, I like singing too, but its not really an hobby anymore after my embarrassing secondary 1 moments. I screwed up pretty badly in front of the whole school which made me kind of lost a lot of confidence in singing so I just gave up. I guess. I am so pathetic

12. Two pet peeves

I cannot stand people who wear slipper to town, I actually wrote a blog about this, so check it out if you have not, I will link it HERE > . the second one is ... I do not have a second one.. sadly guys.

13. Guilty Pleasure

This has got to be my icecream. Both my human icecream and the real icecream. I love icecream I do not know how to express the love but give me the icecream and I will love you back. so it is a good chance!!!! Ha, JOKING. But I do appreciate people who remembers the flavour I like from every different icecream shop I visit. So thankful and happy.

DONE! I hope you liked this blog and YAY !
SEE y'all ! <3
Good Luck x
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