Friday, 24 January 2014

2 Seconds Worth

Take 2 seconds to think how fortunate you are to be reading this.

There are many people out there who does not even own a laptop, or rather, there is no internet.

We are just taking things for granted because we had all of these when we were born. No hardships.

Just had a minor thought about blogging this because I had a short conversation with Sherrie about doing volunteer work together with the school with the craft and tech department.

Thinking of doing all this and I do not get anything in return, just made me felt like not doing it at all. It made me felt like why should I do it since there is no return?

How disgusting the condition will there be. How much I have to endure when I am there seeing those people. How am I going to survive without internet and sometimes even electricity or maybe even basic edible food?

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The thought of it, made me felt alittle sick.

Just ask yourselves, if you are going to live in a place where there is no electricity and no anything. Will you even exchange for the things you have here now? I bet the answer is no.

After a little thought about it. I realised what we gain is actually not able to be purchased, the sympathy, the understanding of simple happiness, the generosity.

They might not be as rich as us. They might not be as educated as us. They might not have the most trending clothing item. They might not even own a pair of proper shoes. They might not get as much as us. They might not have a proper shelter.

But all I can say is, they are truly happy. With true happiness. They live a simple live, a little food, but they all share, just because having it all alone is wrong and not right.

Once read a story about the families over there, they just live as they could, raising their children as much as they can and try to save to send them to a school at least to be able to communicate.

I can say we are really fortunate to be able to study. I believe the children there really wanted the chance to and really wished they could study.

While we are just complaining about how much homework we get, how much we get tied down with workload. How our parents didn't want to give us freedom. It's an advantage that we all enjoy but not them.

It really inspire me a lot to love life. At least I do not have to worry about shortage of food, shortage of water, unstable shelter and electricity.

How much more do you want to ask for? You have all the things you needed. The rest are all wants.

I want a new shoe, I want that dress, I want to buy PS4, I want this I want that. Did you realise how many wants do you have and your parents are trying to fulfill them? I believe that all parents just want the best out of their children. I believe they are still the ones that truly cares for you.

In the Chinese sayings, " You are the worst enemy of you parent's last life." It meant that the next time you become a mother/father yourself, you will meet your " enemy " of last life that is going to make you feel.
Just appreciate what you have.

I cherish the fact that I have a complete family. There are people out there with broken families. I do not know how they felt but, it just kind of hurt to see them being upset all over it but I cannot feel it.

I cherish the fact that I get most of the things I want. I get nice pair of shoes, I get a lot of stuffs. You guys do not know, and I am apparently too lazy to type so many out. But you will realise how much my parents dote me into getting almost all the stuffs I want. And I just feel really grateful for the support they are giving me.

Back to the topic.

What have you taken for granted of lately?

What you do you need and want?

Do you appreciate what you have?

Ask yourself.
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