Friday, 10 January 2014

3 ways to avoid drama

Like I said, school reopened, and I am really tired and exhausted and I all I want to do is to sleep and sleep. Because nowadays I study more or rather as much as my brain can take and just go and sleep afterwards.

If you are at the same age as me or older. You will know the workload just get piled and piled over and over every single day, every single lesson.

Just imagine I have 7 subjects, 2 combined which made it 9 subjects to study totally. Although I still have time before the examinations but I really hope that I can build my foundation well.

Likewise, to every student friends out there, build up your foundation if not you are really going to suffer alot when you reach the higher levels.
I do not really have a specific way of studying. I just study whatever I feel like studying, like Chemistry or emath usually.

Timelessly, I feel like there is a need to relax myself.

I have been having alot of commotion out in school lately where there consist of bullying. Honestly I wished I can totally do not give a damn to those people who did that but I couldn't totally. I am distracted and I feel really small sometimes, but usually I won't. I will just feel like ripping the other party's hair off, but I won't. Like really.

As you know I usually more controlled by my parents, which I guess they force me to study. some parents lock their kids at home and some may not even taste a bit of freedom. I think that is definitely not a way to teach your kids. Like because I am in Sec Sch so they want that sense of " growing up". I believe, at least that is what I know. Some parents may be very loose to their children which they will never be happy too.

Listen, you will never like what your parents decide for you but sometimes it will be a correct choice. Or rather, sometimes not. Some people have curfew of 10pm and they still complain why is it so early. 

God damn chill girl, I would be happy if my curfew was like 8.30 or 8. I do not have a curfew to be honest. I am just expected to go home straight after school and have no life and just study and what my parent want is for my life to revolve around the family the most. I do appreciate the thought but I think the more they are going to "lock" me . The more I am going to turn rebellious anytime soon. Because, I am on the verge of eruption.

If you are a sec 1 student, girl, your secondary school life will fly faster than a rocket. I am amazed that I am already in Upper Secondary and I am going to take O levels soon.  It will end before you know it so enjoy it while you can. I am trying to enjoy but there are just people going hate on you and try to disrupt your peaceful life.

3 ways to avoid girl drama or just drama.. : I AM GOING TO TEACH YOU GUYS LIFE SKILLS GIRLS.

1. Don't get involve in anything they do.

What I mean is, do not even try to start the drama.

2.  Be yourself.

sometimes people bash you to bring you down so that they are "higher" but they are obviously not. Do not say when people hate you they are jealous of you. Please, I hate her not because I am jealous of her, it is just that her attitude to me is just so disgusting and I couldn't take it.

3. live your life

I mean if you do not care about her and just continue what you do. They are going to be the one going crazy not you. Get busy with your own life situations. Go out often, shop to vent your anger and stuffs like this to make sure you don't go back to your bitchy face again.

I have this bitch face since pretty long and I am pretty much used to it.

AND just a shout out to that girl, S in my class. You look really cute in pictures but your personality and 2 faced character just made me really disgusted. I did not point out who or pin point to anyone. If you feel like you are this person, go ahead and wear this shoe, because I just said its "S" not mentioning anyone's name. So get over it. 

This is going to be the last time where I tolerate anger. Because I promised to be happy.


Happy Friday guys!

Good Luck x

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