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December Favourites 2013

SURMEURRRRRRRR. Its 2014 guys! Hope you all had a blast counting down to 2014, and I bet those student readers out there are dreaded to going school tomorrow.

Well at least I am freaking out here because I have to wear another uniform which I think I would look like a retard on first day of 2014.

Don’t get me wrong guys, I did not transfer but my school changes uniform when you go up to the upper secondary. So now I am no longer a sailormoon.

Yes! A new year and a new month so ready for the December favourites!
Firstly it will be this perfume from GIRL, de provence – 7 delphinium.

I got it for the sake of fangirling over SNSD, because they advertised for this perfume, so I didn’t even hesitate and just got it. But never got around using it because I didn’t even bother after.

Since like Mid- December. I was packing my cupboard and found this perfume lying there, staring at me. So I just picked it up and use it. It is quite a strong scent where the floral tone is pretty huge with a little fruity and a little like something you will not get tired of. Which I have been wearing it like crazy.

Like crazy, I said it.

Next it’s this cropped top where I got 3 for 150baht from Thailand. It was pretty much normal length when I bought it but I decided to hack it off, because I thought I will look so much cuter if it was cropped.

I do not think that cutting your clothes is a bad thing if you will still wear it after but please do not cut all of them like crazy please, but I do… I cut a lot of my pieces because I dislike it being long and it just look disgusting to me.
My body proportion is weird while crop tops made it better so I cannot find another excuse not to hack this baby off. If I didn’t cut it, I might not even wear it, for the next 10 years at least so I am not afraid to do the changes to my clothes.

BAM and its fabulous.

Lizard necklace, I swear I have not taken this baby off my neck wherever I go. I wear it everywhere. EVERY WHERE. I actually found the pendent at my cupboard and thought it was cute so I took my necklace and just put it over and BABOOM, it’s a cute necklace,

It’s pretty much a unique necklace, or at least for me, because it look just so normal when you see it from afar and when you look at it closely, you can see the lizard over there saying hi to you. HI.

Icecream, the love of my life. I can never say no to icecream. Honestly, my stomach is a pathetic asshole because it always go like “ Celine, I need icecream *echoes* *icecream , icecream, icecream*  . I have been looking in for this.

It’s an addiction.
I love Wall’s Oreo and cream, it taste like heaven, its my 2nd tub….. it bad guys, its bad.

Converse, usually, if I had a option to wear what I would wear. It would definitely be slippers. But after I broken my converse. GIRLLLLLLLLLLL, you don’t know. I wear them, everywhere.

At least for 1 week straight I was wearing my cream coloured high cut Converse.

I have a certain way I like to tie my shoe laces because, I like the idk what is that called, the thing below the shoelaces, that piece… to flare out. Idk, I just like it to flare out because I think it’s just more fancy and it just felt really great.

My favourite song of December is Rising Sun by DB5K, I am sorry. I live in the past.

Guess, that is about all.. for my favourites of December 2013!

Do tell me what are your favourites!

SPOILER : next up will be a haul….. I GOT MY URBAN DECAY NAKED 3 <3<3<3

Good Luck x

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