Friday, 10 January 2014

first 2014 haul

I KNOW. It has been month or months when I said I am going to do this haul. And finally. I SETTLED DOWN AND DO THIS. I took 4 hours to take pictures. So I put a lot of effort into this so I really hope you guys like it.

I am not advertising for them. nor anything, I am not doing this for anything. So what I say is truly fact and quality wise. If you are not like interested in like what I got or what I bought. You can click X there~

My 1st parcel

I first order 2 pairs of shoes which are :

Chunky platform boots

I cannot express how much I love the platform, it is hidden inside so  I am just secretly tall but I am not. I am so surprise how it makes my leg look super long and super thin. If you did see my previous previous blog, I went to high tea with it. I have no problem walking miles with it.

There is somewhat a cushion inside, and its furry. So, if I were to go to a winter country. It will be durable to wear it around as well. The cushion made me feel like I am standing on cotton candies.

I have this thing for boots recently. Like I cannot stop wearing them. I cant wait for them to get more beat up and rugged along the way so it looked the perfect way I wanted it to be.

White boots

I got this because I thought that the chunky one will be too high for me to walk in a comfort manner but how wrong was I. This pair of shoes it's like a super Cinderella shoe. I do not know why I used the term "Cinderella". But anyways it is leather and the skin looks so amazing when I first tore open the box. Squealing like a kid.

This parcel came 1 week after the payment and the shipping fees is just around 10USD which I think it is really fast and quick for such cheap price.

Both shoes cost 16.66USD. I am too lazy to convert them for you guys but you just get the idea. So one pair is around 20SGD ONLY.

The 2nd parcel

my bag and my inspired Jeffrey Campbell lita in the colour sliver.

The bag is somewhat like a minty colour from the picture they provided but it stated at the side it was green. It came in green I was like omg. But it looked pretty fine after awhile~

The bag was like a perfect size for me. As you guys know, my everyday bag broke and I had to get a new one. And this is the recent popular type of " bucket " bag inspired by the brand Celine. MA NAME.

It look really nice and cute and really edgy because of the studs. and I have a bunch of craps inside my handbag recently so..mmm.

inspired JC Lita

This pair of lita is pretty much a statement piece because I bought it in a colour sliver. I do not know why I got sliver just thought that it was really pretty because I am a cool toned girl so I generally suit colours that are more of the cool side.

THEY ARE EXTREME COMFORT. I am not joking. I wore them out too and they are so... squishy, I mean the inside which made me feel like I am walking on gummy bears. But the slight thicker heel made walking so much easier and so much more comfort.

My 3rd parcel

 2 more pairs of shoes which are super cute. I am not going to detail because I have not worn them and I do not wanna lie.

I got this 90s kind of shoe which really is a qtpie, cannot wait to wear them out

it has crystal attached to the heels

next is this pair of skyscrapers. I have not mastered to walk on Stilettos but I will, someday!!!!!!!


I only got a few, so it is not boring yo~

I got this Maybelline's baby skin pore minimizer and it worked fine  UNTIL, I bought the Benefit's Porefessional and IT WORKED LIKE MAGICAL FAIRIES OH MY GOODNESS. If you follow beauty gurus on youtube, you will know that they all had at least used once the Porefessional and they all also commented that the formula is so well done. I clap for you, Benefit, you deserve the ladies standing ovation for inventing such a thing.


freebieee from the naked 3

NAKED 3!!!!!!! oh my gosh guys. You don't know. That feeling of complication when I got my baby home. Naked 3 is truly a super nice colour range by Urban Decay. I have all 1, 2 and now I have 3~ yayie!

Cannot wait to experiment more looks with my naked 3, I will show you guys next time. It is a promise.

I got the Maybelline Magum Masarca~



I just got some rings and a braclet! Got them for sale @ Takashimaya Ngee Ann City~

just pictures~

I still have more clothing but I figured I should just wear it and take it from an ootd and show you guys instead of babberling all this crap here. So stay tune!

Good Luck x

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