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So today, I am going to touch on this topic.


I think everyone at least fall to this category at least once in a life time.

I will touch on,

What does it mean if you are Friend-Zoned?

How to know if you are Friend-Zoned?

Why are you Friend-Zoned?

Can you escape the friend-zone?

Just to mention, girls do get friend-zoned too. I got friend-zoned too before so, don't worry guys. I know that feeling.

So lets start!

Friend-Zone basically means that you like this person, but the other party only treats you as a friend.

For example, A likes B, but B doesn't have the feeling towards A. And usually B is unaware of the feelings of A. Sucks to be Friend-Zoned.

So, A is unable to continue to the next stage, which means, A can't go on to the BGR state and is stuck as friends.

SO, how to know if you are friend-zone?

Girls, the guy will tell you about his girl problems, Which girl he wants to get hooked up with.


The guy might tell you about girls he meet, or girl advice.
Saying stuffs like " Aww you are like a brother/sister!"


Overly comfortable with you, like the girl ( you like ), could just casually say "Oh my, I am on my period, it feels like a monsoon storm." , or she does not really put in any effort when she is going to see you.


I realised I went alittle over with the previous. About the monsoon storm. ps

You want to go out with the other party but the other part is always trying to get more friends to go together.


This is obvious, when they try to put you together with their friends.


There are so many reasons why you are friend zoned. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you are not good enough, but just the other party didn't realise you are the one.

" Stop and look around the people you are with, because the right person may always just be beside you but you are just too busy looking for the "right" person. "

It may be you let the other part feel too much as a friend and not letting them have a feeling that they can actually visiualize something far and future with you.

It may be the way you act around other people that make the person feel that he/she treats everyone else like this too. So, I should not take him to consideration.

Or just really straight, you are not his/her cup of tea.

SO, everyone has a choice, so you can choose what you want to do.
Stay as friends or attempt to get out of the friend-zone zone.



1. Be confident

I said confident not arrogant. The way you portray yourself , the way you sit, or maybe just by the way you walk. People will have an immediate judgment towards you. Confidence is sexy, for both gender. Because you accept your flaws and enjoy living in your own skin and not being in other's shadow, you will not only attract attention but also feel really great about yourself. Confidence boost your courage as well, so, be on your best so people will have eyes on you. People will start realising a change about you. Although it is not very visible but, the other part will definitely feel a difference in you.

2. Spark a little jealousy

To know if someone likes you or interested in you. Jealousy is a very good sign to prove if someone has that slight interest in you. Do not over do it please, Girls maybe you can hang out with more of your guy friends and guys may can hangout and like take picture with your close girl-friends and show her or something like this. ( NOT ME, I will literally bite the picture and rip it into 1038571923057 pieces. )

3. try a different style

if you are the girly girl, try out something more rocker feel and more dark rather than floral and dresses. Try combat boots and darker lips. It will be a total different feel. Guys can change out from their usual tees and wear shirts instead. IDK issit just me but guys who wear shirt is super handsome and super smart. Try geek specs? I find that cute somehow but of course not everyone suit to do that, just some ideas. You can buy some nice necklace? or just maybe a new hairstyle can change alot of things and impression.

4. skinships

I do not know about this but yeah, not to a crazy extend I think, when other guys tease her and stuffs like this, this is where you step out and say things like " don't like this la" or something like this, but do it in a more joking manner so you dont offend the other party as well. Or you can hold her hands where you can lead her across a road, this is really sweet. I personally think that it is very thoughtful and very sweet for one to do so! It makes the girl feel protected and secure within. Or the guy can put his hand over her shoulders while in a crowd so as to lead her and sort of protect her along the way.

For girls, when the guy is sort of like playing games or doing something, you can lean closer towards him where your arm touches, or put on a nice perfume so he can sort of like smell it... so sick but yes. Coz smelling good is a plus point!

I don't recommend confessing suddenly until you are sure of the opposite party's feelings because you might lose the friendship together too. So hence, take your time and let yourself know him/her know you are actually liking them. They will not be so stupid that they do not know.. it is pretty obvious.

But of course, I hope you all have a nice date on Valentine's! Don't always focus only on the opposite gender because your best friend and maybe sisters or brothers are also always there for you. Shouldn't they deserve the chocolate too? ^^

Hope this actually made some sense....

Good Luck x <3

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