Sunday, 12 January 2014

Life is just like a Candle

Good afternoon everybody~

Its Sunday already, *sad face*. Weekends always pass amazingly quicker than usual. For me, school is still fine if you read my previous blogs, it is just the " waking up" part where I am actually dreading the most. Do you feel that gravity just pulls you right down back to bed and put you back to sleep immediately.

Yesterday, I went to Vivo City and I came across this interesting stairs in Erabelle and I just wanted to share this with you guys. Before that! 


White tank : G2000
Skirt: H&M
Oversized cardigan : raffles place interchange
bangles and bracelet : Thailand and F21
Rings : F21, Green Petals, H&M
Eye makeup : Naked 1
Lipstick: Rouge in Love  
Shoes :

It is pasted as
"Shine like a candle,
and never lose hope.
For every long journey,
needs the first step."

I just feel like, it made some sense and it doesn't really make sense. But I kind of made sense out of it. " Shine like a candle, and never lose hope. " , our life is just like a candle, when we are just a fetus in your mother's body, we are like an empty jar, slowly filling up with wax. We are slowly growing into a mould where we slowly become human like.

When we are born into this world and the moment we started crying, the candle lit up. We are slowly burning down till the end. There might be times where there is wind, and made us really small or worse, a strong wind that almost demolished us. But it is just humans to keep on trying and not stopping halfway.

There might be chances that there is going to be a downpour and totally shut you down but as long as you keep hanging there, there is someone going to lit you up and grab you along the way. So mix with the right bunch of people and they will bring you to a much greater path you will never ever dream of.

At the end of the day, we are going to slowly die out anyways. Because, we all live and die. It is just another part of life where you can re-start your life. And be another better person in your next life.

"For every long journey, needs the first step." Like I said our life is a long journey we all need to past. A way to success is not being afraid to give it a try. Sometimes, it is just that little thing that give you the courage to do so.

Sometimes it is just those little things in life that kept you going on and on.

Don't give up alright. Because there will be someone waiting somewhere in your life to bring you to success.

It's just a short update, but I hope you have killed some time and had some thinking going on.

Good Luck x

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