Saturday, 25 January 2014

Mini Scape Haul

HEY guys~ I went to scape today and I got some stuffs and I just thought that I should share with you guys!

My ootd~

Top and bottom : SCAPE

Rings : f21, H&m

Shoes: Converse

The first shop I went, they are just clearing clothes, so I managed to slashed the price and gotten a better price.

For those who do not know, its some what like thrifting and there are second hand stuffs over there too.

I got this blue basic cropped top, okay, I did say I needed to stop buying crop tops, but I cant say no to this because it was 3 for $10, 2 of my other friends bought too so its basically 3 bucks only.

The material is so so so so freaking soft, I cannot believe it.
I can see myself wearing it with a statement pants and some JC heels!!!!!

Next I got a heart crop top, 2nd piece of crop top, I got this I think for $10, the material is similar to the first one I bought but this has a really cute pastel coloured heart on it. Which made it extra cute!

I like the fact that it is actually tight fitting because, I cannot get enough of this soft yet cropped yet cute yet cheap yet tight fitting clothing.
I can see myself wearing this with a cute skater skirt with my Gradient heels yay~

3rdly, its this amazing weird coloured shirt. It is kind of like poop at first sight but it is okay after that. Maybe it was because of that. I do not know, because I am drawn to really weird things.

I think I got this for 8 bucks.

It just cropped and nice and.... you guys know it.

I can see myself wearing this with like high-waist shorts with my flip flops heh~

This white top, its the best quality of all the 3, it is super good quality and it is brand new. I got this for 15 bucks.

This floral skirt, I got this from 15 bucks to 10 bucks. The lady is nice enough to give me such a nice discount, the blogshop they have is @shopenvymyfetish! do go check them out because they sell really in reasonable price.

It is so comfy to wear that I think I might want to even wear it as PJs..........and just any shoe I think it will look super cute.

Lastly, ( finally ), I have this denim jacket from F21, I got it second hand in scape for only... 8 FREAKING BUCKS. I MEAN LIKE GIRL, YOU CAN NEVER BUY A 8 BUCK DENIM JACKET FROM FOREVER 21. I was like, I had to get it.

I do not need to tell you guys about the shirt quality because, It is from f21, it wont be that bad at all.

I can see myself wearing it as a vest with like.. everything.. so yeaps, I think it will look cute if I wore a ribbon head band.

This the end of the short haul.

Good Luck x
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