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I bet we all have times where we wished we something more from them. Have more expectations and feelings for them. But in another way, they are expecting something from us, respect and mutual love.

That day, I was just having a causal conversation with my parents in the car.

My mom made a remark that all her friends and clients children all has really good results. Because they are all from very good school.

I literally have like smoke coming out of my ears. My thoughts were all like, I know I am not from a good school, I know I do not have good results for her to boost to her friends.

What is wrong being in a neighborhood school, is it very low class?
What is wrong not being inside super good schools like Raffles or whatever?

In the end of everything, we are all going to take the same paper, we are going to the same place. We all need a degree, we all will work.

Why must she emphasis on the good results and the good school.
Comparing won't bring me anywhere. It just give me another reason to feel small and useless.

Comparing is the worse thing you can think of. If you have never been compared because you are the best, screw you.

Parents do things in another way because they lived before, they lived longer than us and they have much more experience than us. Although this is always the case. I still think they should give us the place to express our opinions and unhappiness.

That is how we learn from each other.

My parents are very strict, but they pamper me enough. I can get almost whatever I want to get. I get my shoes, my bags, my clothes.

I asked my friends about their parents, they made really nasty comments " my dad treats me like a slave" " I wished I could quickly grow up and leave this place" .

They grow you right from the moment you reach this world. They never gave up on you. They are your first teacher. They educate you. They mould you into a person.

When they are old. It is your responsibility to take care of them.
But why they still drive you crazy?

I mean like you can say loads of nasty things about them but at the end of the day they are still your parents aren't they?

If your parents are slowly in the range of aging and you are in your teenage years, I feel you. It is complete disaster and I am not joking because both sides will never give in.

I am not a person who will give in because I believe whatever I say made sense. Even it made no sense, I will still stand firm on my point and I will not ever ever give in. That is the worse part -- stubborn-ness.
It really trigger my anger when I explained my part and they still could never understand.

My mom said whatever she said to me was just rubbish to me because I do not listen at all.

NONONONONO, that is extremely wrong. Because I listen to what they say and dissolve it inside. I don't express it because what they said already hit me and kind of hurt me alittle sometimes.

No point fighting since there will not be an ending to it. So sometimes I will just keep quiet and not say anything anymore. But there is when the topic of scolding becomes " you are rude because you didn't reply" .
Sometimes keeping silence is just the only way because trying to explain yourself will just make everything more worse.

Silence is golden.

You can live with a grudge forever or you can choose to live for only the present.

Because the moment that truely exist, is now.

learn to see things from their point. Sometimes what you do can hurt them too, right? Because humans are all selfish so we usually only think about ourselves. But from now on, you must see things from a different point.

A little or small changes can make you appear different. It might just be the way you talk to them, or just giving them a call when you get home from school if they are both working. It just makes their day better, don't you think?

Do you remember their birthday? This is just a real simple question but many people do not remember their birthday. But they remember yours, right?

Little things like this can make their day.
How long have you not said " I love you" to them? If you have not, go now, GO NOW>>>>>>>>>

This simple 3 words can maybe make their night or day.

When is the last time you bought something for them using your own pocket money? It can be as simple as buying them food in a weekend, or just some food they like.

Little things like this will make them feel that you have matured, or little more understanding. Or make them feel love.

I believe whatever they do now is just to make you go to the right path in life. They might have made a mistake that they are afraid you might follow. So, what advice they give you. Take them lightly to your heart although sometimes it might be really hard.

I am in the mid of trying to accept still but I am trying my best. If I am trying, I believe you can do it too.

Tomorrow, or whenever you are ready, have a heart2heart session.

goodluck x

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