Friday, 3 January 2014

School 2014

Yeap, if you guys wonder what I have done in school for the past 2 days, I could just summarize it in 2 lines. It is just another school, I do not really feel it is a very big difference.

I do have other classmates but we had been schoolmates for 2 years and I believe it is not very awkward still at least. I do know most of the people in the class, so it is honestly not as bad as I thought.

At first I was really dragging myself off the bed because I really didn’t want to wake up and seriously have no interest back in school. Just all of a sudden I am so attached to my holidays. But what can I do, its just my job to study hard now.

I dreaded school since I am actually different class with my bestfriend. But after this 2 days, it is not as bad as I thought it would be. Without her I can actually concentrate on my work and class better. It’s a good sign and we still hangout after school and recess. And we still help each other out when we need it.

There is a saying the person you want to be with the most is the person you should stay away from. While in school, she is definitely my choice. Its good and bad in a sense. But I do listen to class better so I feel fine still.

Secondary 3 will be quite a bit for me to handle, although I am a person who works better with a little more stress than usual because that is when I get motivated to move my butt off my bed and study. Studying just a few pages a day actually does make a difference than not studying at all let me tell you.
Its just like yesterday when I first join my secondary school. Time really flies and I am finally a upper sec which made me proud but I really need concentration to study more.

Guys, you all love food like I do right. I found a good way to force yourself to study. Make lots of notes. That way you are actually reading the textbook, finding the main key points of what you are learning. You must convince yourself to finish a chapter of notes before you can touch that pack of chips, or ice cream.

I do not know whether it will help you or not but it does help me in a sense where I honestly force myself to focus so I can quickly have my ice cream.
Until today, I realize what is the use of school uniform. I bet you all are like, I want to wear this and that but I need to wear uniform to school. I know I am slow but I am just going to share this in case some of you did not know about why they had to ask us to wear school uniform.

Distraction. If you are allowed to wear whatever you want to school, everyone is not going to care what the teacher is saying but you are going to evaluate everyone’s outfit and judging. What if there are people from a more needy environment and they keep wearing the same outfits over and over. Do not tell me you will not judge people. Because you know you do. I do too.  So wearing uniforms made us equal.

 Everyone is the same, nothing to look.

Some people may even be affected because others are so well dressed and you are just like a potato(?) It kind of affects mentally and physically.

Done with school issues. 

My next post will come up as soon I finish my homework, yes, homework. I am actually going to do homework. Clap for me thank you.

Good luck for your lessons and listen to what the teacher say. It does make sense sometimes.

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