Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Emotions

Sometimes you feel so happy, for no reason.

That is pure happiness.

Sometimes you feel sad, for no reason.

That is the stress you confide.

Sometimes you flare, for little things.

That is that little monster inside you.

Sometimes you get worried, for the people around you.

That means you care.

Sometimes you got the urge to buy a lot of things.

That is relieving stress.

Sometimes you feel like the world is crumbling down.

That is your love.

I believe I said this before, "Stay happy. Because nothing pisses someone else more than having a good fucking life. " -Jenn Im

When the world is against you. That is the perfect chance to seize and show the world what you are actually capable of. Why not display what you have rather than waiting for people to notice what you got.

Sometimes things just happen without you knowing and it is actually unforeseeable. I do not know about the future. I do not want to know about the future to be really honest.

I have been living my life to the extend where I feel the happiness within all the busy schedules I have. I have classes, tuitions, homeworks, social life, sleep, love, forgiveness, my family. It is all oscillating around my life.

I do enjoy having my time really packed because that is the only time, I feel that I truly existed in this world.

Rotating my life around only few trustworthy people are honestly the best thing. I have friends, good friends, ask me if I have a best friend, no, she left me 1 year ago.

Sherrie you might ask? She is more like a family member of mine than a best friend. I love her a lot, I do treat her like fam. So its more of like, a kind wilderness. Towards her, its like a soft approach. I know I have this really unfriendly face, do i not. ok.

But because I feel that she understands.

I like people who understands without me speaking a word. She can read and feel my emotions which I felt really grateful for.
So, do not say I treat her like a dog because I don't, she is my closest.

These are emotions.

Live your life. Don't care about the haters, I tried today but I failed once but at least I tried avoiding having eye contact, they might think that I am very "humji" but that is not it.

girl, if you ever read this. Let stop it. Shall we? I don't want to have hate around me anymore. Just that, you need to apologise for calling me a slut for obvious reasons, I am not even one. Search this word in the dictionary and you will find out the true hurtful meaning behind this word.

 It is a powerful word to hurt someone.

Sometimes, I do things without me knowing myself because, honestly, I do not know what I did wrongly and people start to hate me or rather despise me.

But hey, stop judging. Don't leave some stupid comments saying stuffs like this.

time to study.....

till next time, I promise, I will asap ! with my 13 questions part 2!

Goodluck x

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